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any1 is using a HDTV 1080p on their computer using nvidia 8800 series ?

if yes , what resolution did u use ? thx you
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  1. I use mine with 8500gt for now "I dont game" it will only do 1360x768 via vga, but I got a DVI to HDMI cable on the way for full 1080p resolution.
  2. so ill b able to put my screen in 1920 x 1080 in segond display mode with HDMI-DVI cables ?

    is it also possible to use my screen 22'' lg in 1680 x 1050 and my 46 '' samsung hdtv in 1920 x 1080 at same time ???
  3. I get 1080p for Blue Ray and HD-DVD

    My setup is below:

    1) CPU: q6600
    2) GPU: BFG 8800GT OC 512
    3) MOBO: Asus Maximum Formula
    4) Mem: 4 GByte
    5) Optical Drive: LG (Can do both Blue Ray, HD-DVD)
    6) OS: Vitsa Ultimate 64
    7) Video Software: Cyberlink PowerDVD
    8) Power Supply: Antec Quatro 850
    9) Display: 70 Inch HDTV (JVC)
    10) Video Connection: DVI to HDMI
    11) Audio Connection: Optical to my Receiver
    12) HD Tuner: JVC Tuner ASTC/ PC Tuner ATI 650 PCI
  4. Ya unless your manual states otherwise. If the card can support the resolution which it can, and the monitor can support it, I dont see why not. Most TVs wont go that high on VGA though so you got to use up one of your HDMI slots. One problem you might run into is if you dont have a compatible HDMI on your TV. If your TV has one HDMI port it is one that will look for auidio and video through the same cable, if that is the case you TV will squeal if your card doesnt have audio and video out through the HDMI. My tv has one HDMI for audio and video and one for just video only and stero audio next to it.
  5. Yeah i just took a look , and my HDMI 1 do have a DVI in audio next to it (red and white) and HDMI 2-3 r single ... so i guess ill be fine !

    thx for fast answer guys ! cant wait for that HDMI-DVI cable! i wanna try my LG combo drive ! :P
  6. Yup use the one with the red and white audio next to it and you should be fine. PM me with the results. My cable will be here about friday. Good luck to you! I think I'm gonna get the combo drive myself. Let me know if its worth it please.
  7. 8800 series cards are provided with analog output. It comes with a dungle that breaksout to COMPONENT VIDEO OUTPUT. I have tested this option on my 8800GT. Same thing it plays 1080P for Blue Ray or HD DVD. The Analog connector is in between the 2 DVI output of 8800GT. I'm not sure with the GTX but it should have a similar feature.

    If your HD TV is limited in HDMI inputs use the component inputs through the ANALOG output of your card. That is proven to play HD-DVD/Blue Ray at 1080P.
  8. BTW its still pretty much impossible (complicated and expensive) to bring HD television programing into your PC for viewing etc, except over-the-air which is of course kind of a joke. Its all because the TV mogels have their DRM evilness running overtime, and you cant even get a card with an HDMI input (it would be really hard to work if you could). A while back I read about a special cable box you can rent to 'kinda' get this, but it has a lot of restrictions, is really expensive, doesnt always work, etc, not yet worth it?
  9. Quote:
    5) Optical Drive: LG (Can do both Blue Ray, HD-DVD)

    Represent! I got one too. :D
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