Bios & vista not recognizing esata drive

good day.
thank you in advance for your time.

ok, pretty good with computers here. built my system actually. just can't quite figure this one out:
bought a western digital 750 gig drive, formatted the drive using regular internal sata cord, put it in a Vantec NexStar MX esata HDD enclosure, connected the external case to an esata port [which just runs internally to a sata port].

both my bios [asus maximus formula] and windows vista 64-bit do not recognize the drive properly. sometimes it's not there at all, sometimes it's considered an indeterminate 8gig drive....

i know the drive and the enclosure work, because it also has a USB port on it, which i used for a while [before formatting it via sata cord].

any thoughts? suggestions?

i've tried switching the sata configuration in the bios to AHCI and RAID, to no avail. i now have it set to IDE [regular/default].

*edit: few other things i forgot to mention: i have the enclosure set to JBOD and only 1 of the 2 possible drives installed. when i open disk management and try to get it to recognize it, it comes up with the error: "The request could not be performed because of an I/O device error."
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  1. JBOD is a type of RAID array, maybe you should set it to the single drive setting?
    Just throwing things out off the top of my head......
  2. hmmm, as far as i understood from the enclosure's manual JBOD was the only option i had to make the drives come up as separate drives and the only way i could install a 2nd drive at a later date.
    am i misunderstanding that part?

    ** EDIT **
    ok, so ya i did misunderstand. i'm home now and looked at the manual again and tried it on single mode [or individual mode]. still the same problem for both cmos and vista. in cmos it comes up as Config Drive 0
  3. i have had no advances with figuring out this problem.
    please, anyone else have a suggestion?
  4. Hey. I just installed Windows 7 and I am also not able to detect my E-sata 1TB with NEXTAR enclosure. I just changed my BIOS SATA setting from IDE to RAID, because I am using RAID 0 WD Raptor Drives. That's why the computer can't detect the Esata drive. If I switch it back to IDE, it will be detected as before when I use windows XP

    So, Are you also using RAID?

    Hope this helps you.

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