8800gtx+HDTV+HDMI-DVI cables

Any1 using a 8800GTX with HDTV (1080p) ? i wanna know if it work great .. i heard some stuff about size issue ... just wondering ... i just want to be able to play some HD film ( in good quality ) on my hdtv and sometime play game just for fun to play it on 46'' .

thx u
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  1. It'll work if your TV has HDMI with seperate video, via DVI to HDMI cable/adapter. If you plug into a standard HDMI it will look for video and audio and make your speakers buzz. You need a dedicated HDMI for video only and there will be a red and white port for the audio.

    Other option is to get a 8800GT that has s/pdif built in so you can send audio with the video via DVI to HDMI.

    To get full 1080p thats the only 2 ways you can do it unless your TV does 1080p VGA which I havent seen so far.
  2. yes you can get 1080P from your 8800GTX to HDTV...I watch Blue Ray and HD-DVD in 1080P

    I play games on my pc and watch HD movies. Its my media-center...

    Nvidia will allow you to adjust the screen to your TV
    Video connection is: Video through DVI to HDMI
    Audio: In my setup i use the on-board optical link to my receiver

    My setup is below:

    CPU: g6600
    MOBO: Asus Maximus Formula
    GPU: BFG 8800GT OC 512
    MEM: 4 GByte
    Optical: LG BlueR/HD-DVD
    Video Software: Cyberlink PowerDVD
    PS: Antec Quatro 850
    DISPLAY : 70 Inch HDTV(JVC)
    TV: ATI 650 HD TV Tuner
    OS: Vista Ultimate 64
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