EVGA 8800GT $219.99 at Microcenter

What’s up everyone?
Well I just would like to point it out that I’ve just purchased a EVGA 8800GT for $219.99, $236.56 with tax at Microcenter here in Overland Park, Kansas. And newegg has the same product for $239.99 with Free 3 Business Day Shipping. I love Neweeg and I’ve purchased many things thru them, and thanks to them retailers like Microcenter started to lower their prices as well!
And Microcenter has lower many prices, true they still have products that cost way more, but that’s changing! Nothing better than just go to the store near by and buy a good product for a good price and not have to wait for shipping!!! :bounce:

Here’s the links to prove it



Have you guys noticed those changes?

Thanks everyone!

SantistaUSA on XBOX360
Intel Q6700; P5NE-SLI; EVGA 8800GT; 2GB CORSAIR
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  1. Interesting. Nice find.
  2. I also just found a PSU a LOT cheaper at Microcenter! Mine is about to go out so this is what I'm going to get!

    Thermaltake Toughpower 750W $135.99 $105.99 after MIR

    Newegg has the same for $189.99 $149.99 after MIR but u have to pay almost $9 for shipping
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