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I built a computer back in august, and it has been working perfectly fine... However at the time I decided to just use the integrated Realtek audio on the motherboard i purchased (Gigabyte GA-P35C-DS3R). The integrated sound card has been a constant annoyance, so I finally decided to buy a cheap little creative sound card (Audigy SE) to stick in my computer.

I got the card, and installed it, then downloaded the proper drivers (windows XP)... But here is where i started running into a problem... when i tried to isntall the drivers, it said that it coudlnt find a supported product in the computer and stopped the installation.

Next I tried the drivers on the included CD. In the installation process, i got the same message, and said "ok", but then the installer continued isntalling some other Creative software, and when it finished, told me to restart. Upon restarting, the Creative Soundblaster showed up in the audio settings, and I gave it a shot, but everything seemed really odd - constant background humming, mic completely non-functional, etc... So I went into the Add/Remove Programs app, but there wasnt anything related to Creative or Soundblaster in there, other than "Creative Auto-updater", which I uninstalled. Upon restarting, the Sound Blaster option was gone from the audio settings, I seem to be back to square one. I have tried 3 different driver versions, and they all give me the same "cannot find a supported device" error. I have checked that the card is seated properly several times... I came to the conclusion that the card must be bad... But then I did something that has me even more confused...

I remembered I have an old Soundblaster Live X-Gamer card. which has been working perfectly fine in another computer... So I took that out, and put it in my new rig... When I booted up, windows gave me the usual "found new Multimedia Audio Device" popup, and I DLed the proper drivers... But when I tried to install them, I get the same "cannot find a supported device" error... :pt1cable:

Anyone have any idea what might be wrong here? I am pretty stumped.
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  1. Yes. Try checking the onboard audio first and make sure its disabled. I don't know if you're using the same PCI slot each time to install the card, but try a different one. That one might be faulty. If you can't install your X-gamer card as well, that might be the reason.

    If the "found new device" screen didn't come up with the Audigy SE, it could be a faulty card, but if another supposedly working soundcard is not being recognized on the system, my best guess is that PCI slot. Try a different one and see what happens. From what you said, you've already thoroughly gone through the drivers here:

    Which I would recommend you downloading and installing the bottom one first (2. 20 Apr 06) then the top one (1. 9 Jul 07). Let me know what happens. Peace.
  2. I checked in the bios for an option to disable the onboard audio before even isntallign the card for the first time, but didnt find any options for it...

    As for the PCI slot possibly being bad, it will be hard for me to try it in the otehr slots, because my DVD drive's cable is in the way... but i can just unplug it temporarily for troubleshooting. However I actually had a similar soundblaster card installed a long time ago when i first built the computer, because I needed to do some troubleshooting for the realtek audio... but when it was solved, i got rid of the soundblaster card... Which just leaves me even more confused.
  3. after a few minutes on the google researching your problem (try it sometime).
    the onboard audio is called azalia.
    turn it off in the bios.
    also, since you won't be using it, get rid of the driver (should be in your add and remove programs in the controll panel).
  4. I uninstalled the driver, and disabled it in the BIOS (the azalia thing was there)... but im still getting the same error when i try to install the creative drivers... I guess I will try using a different PCI slot later tonight.
  5. So this just keeps getting more and more confusing... When using my first PCI slot, and my old Sound Blaster, it would still pop up the "found new hardware" window, and show up in the device manager with a "?" icon. But I just put the card in my second PCI slot, and now the "found new hardware" window didnt show up, and it isnt in the Device manager at all...

    Any more ideas?
  6. try doing a format and reinstall with the card in.
    also, if there are connectors to front audio headers (headphone and mic jacks on the front of the case) make sure they are also unplugged from the motherboard.
    from the small bit of research i've done i have read of one case where the PCI slots died.
    so also maybe try installing a different PCI device to see if it could be the motherboard that is bad.
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