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hi, i just bought a second hardrive and want to sei it up in raid 0 with the first one, i just need a few questions answered please :)

do i have to format my pc and install the os again? my computer doesnt have a floppy drive, is there any way to install the raid software without a floppy disk? is it always neccesary raid software?
how complicated is it to make this set up?

also, if u can I would apreciate quick instructions if not... its ok if u just answer the first questions..,
thanks in advance mates...
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  1. Your only option is to backup everything and create the raid afterward unfortunately
  2. no thats ok i dont mind erasing everything but, do i need a floppy drive for the software? where can i get the software?
    is it easy to set up raid? just changing jumpers position? or its more complicated than that?
  3. is it hard to set raid 0 with only hardware changes? or the software is neccesary?
    thanks for ur response
  4. ok i almost got it, with vista im able to do it with most removable storage device, do i need a raid controller card or can i use the normal sata ports in my x48 dfi motherboard?
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