ready to assemble first build - few simple questions

I am ready to assemble my Asus P5K-e and I have a few simple questions...

1. Should I update the BIOS?

2. I have a DVD and 2 HDD's all sata. According to the mobo manual Sata 1/2/5/6 settings are master and boot disk. Sata 3/4 are slave and data disk. If I understand this correctly I would connect the DVD to sata 1, the HDD for OS and programs to sata 2, and the HDD for data to sata 3. Is this correct?

3. Finally, do you recommend the fans be connected directly to the mobo or straight to the psu?

Thanks for your help!
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  1. I thought it was HDD to sata 1 and 2 and then the cd drives...

    only update the bios if it gives you problems or is necessary to support a processor, such as the E8400.

    Fans to the motherboard will run at speeds according to temperatures, and will also cut back on how many cables you need to run through your case. If you need them at 100% at all times then connecting them to the PSU directly is the easiest way. Mine are just plugged into the motherboard and it looks a lot cleaner.
  2. Updating the BIOS is potentially risky if the process is interrupted, leaving you with no mobo. Read the bios release notes to see if it fixes a problem you have, or expect to have. Update only if you have to.

    As far as I know, sata does not have master and slave characteristics. Perhaps the board can only boot from certain ports which should be described in the mobo manual. Sometimes the chinese translation is strange.

    Connect a fan to what you wish. If you connect it to a 3 pin mobo header, then something like speedfan can read the rpm and control it.
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