Issue with my hard drive after format

I recently reformated and reinstalled windows 32 bit. I can see the hard drive in my bios and the hard drive was working fine before I reformated. I am now not able to see the drive at all from drive manager. I can not format it or do anything with it so that I could create a new partition. Any advice?
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  1. Thought I would post the solution. After playing around trying to get it to show up, I accidentally destroyed my raid array. At this point I figured I would just reset the bios and restart new without using RAID (the problem was not with the raid, just decided to leave it open for a clean windows 7, or XP install).

    After resetting the BIOS and installing with only one hard drive plugged in, Windows Vista had no issues seeing the other 2 hard drives. I do not know if simply unplugging the extra hard drives solved the issue or if the resetting the bios did the trick. This is just some information if someone else was having a similar issue.
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