MSI 8800GT 512mb $190.32 shipped after MIR **PLUS WITCHER!!!**


$184.99 after $20 Rebate

** FREE bonus game **
if you scroll down to "Combo" and put a check in the box,
you get a FREE Atari The Witcher PC game (must add to your cart as a combo, do not add them separately)

This game is highly rated ... 9.4 score on Metacritic

shipping is $6.33
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  1. Just to add, the quiet Galaxy is still available for about the same price AR. I'm surprised they didn't sell out at this price.

    It will be nice when they are under $200 before rebates.
  2. And the 8800GS, while slower, is $160 shipped no rebates from Newegg today.

    But it's the 580/1400 clocked one. the 680/1600 clocked one is $16 more shipped.
  3. I wouldn't count on MSI rebates. I have sent one before and never received anything back.
  4. ^ Gotta luv that.
  5. Wow man, can't believe the deals these days! Seems the worse the economy get the harder technology works to add more bang for less money. I paid 449.00 for a gts 640 in august, 239.95 a gig of ram (so 480.00 for 2) and 239.00 for a 500 gb HD. seems like everything is half price. Totally unrelated to your post but man, the value is insane here. Thanks GOD for China, our escape from depreciation and inflation W00t!
  6. whoa.. the deal just got better...
  7. bump for people who are looking for those "$200 cards"
  8. How soon till prices drop on 8 series cards because of the Feb 21st debut of 9 series cards?
  9. It's been steady declining. As more powerful cards arrive.
  10. Will they drop a lot on Feb 21st or do they just steadily keep declining?
  11. pele12 said:
    Will they drop a lot on Feb 21st or do they just steadily keep declining?

    The only card that will drop a lot quickly will be the 8800GTX and possible the AMD 3870x2. The lower class (8800gt/gts G92's, HD3850/3870) cards will probably slowly continue to drop.
  12. I doubt the x2 is going to drop very rapidly.. it was just released and is AMD's current flagship.

    Only way you're going to see a significant price drop is if nVid releases its 9xxx line for a low price.
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