Benchmarking a New System in VISTA 64

I posted this in the Vista section, but its not getting much play...

Anyone have any suggestions for a good benchmarker for Vista 64? I tried PCMARK05, but it had problems, as did the latest Sandra.

What are people using? (Aside from 3DMARK06) I'd really like to get some baselines before I start the OC process.
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  1. SUPER PI is a good app too
  2. Super PI appears not to like VISTA 64 either, and as I am reading, it doesn't do multi-cores. Is that right?
  3. Why don’t you want to use 3DMARK06? Once you complete the bench you get to compare to other Vista64 machines running the same gear…

    I posted 11,900 Vista64.. you just cant compare to XP results.
  4. super pi works fine on my vista 64 system
  5. benchmarks are over rated for home use.

    we get pple telling us, i got 12000 score in 3rdmark2006 is it good? n some related questions which doesnt make any difference. (as long as the system is not bottlenecked).
  6. My purpose wasn't so much to brag to the world, as for internal purposes only. I want to have a baseline to compare my OCs to, and also to refer back to later in life.

    I find its helpful later on if I THINK my *insert component here* is a little off to be able to compare its current performance to "out of the box".

    @Grieve: I did use 3Dmark06, and it worked fine. I got around your scores... I just wanted a broader measure of different components.
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