Fullscreen-game crash DANGEROUS! Help!

sometimes if a game crashes in fullscreen (for example GTA 1), i cant use the windows-key
alt and tab, alt and f4 or the task manager to exit/or shut down.
in that case i can only to press the reset button.
but thats to dangerous!

i know, because i nearly screwed my harddrive, when it happened yesterday,
during restarting the game after crash.
i got a blue screen wich said
windows was shut down to avoid damage to the harddrive, if i get
this screen 1st time i should restart, and if it returns i should run chkdsk f:
to see if the HD is damaged.

well i was able to restart normally, but i have enough of this ***,
so im looking for some hints or maybe a programm that can shut down or make me able to shut down safe.

ps: i have a usefull trick to shut down or standby with start (windows key) , if you cant see the desktop:
press windows key, up, enter, right, enter to shut down,
and windows, up, enter, right, right, enter to standby
-and of course that didnt work for me in this situation...
can you help me? :D
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  1. What happens a lot of times is that the processor is overloaded when using full screen...try running the game 3/4 screen or 1/2 screen and see if it crashes.
    Sorry, you may be running out of processor cache. A smaller display area puts less demand on the processor.
    That's what quad cores are made for, you might need one.
  2. Check the event viewer. It should be logging some sort of error.
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