Looking to buy a HDD

Hi, I am looking for 250 to 400 GB HDD. If anyone has one they want to sell and isn't that old please let me know.

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  1. Sata HDD that is
  2. any bites?
  3. thx, I look there every day.
  4. bump
  5. I have a Western Digital Caviar, Mdl # WD2500BB. 250 GB, a little scratched, removed from a Gateway GT5098E. :o
  6. hi everybody, CLEARANCE!

    we've got stocks under warranty of HDD:



    Under warranty-1year
    Best prices

    We sell 10 pieces per time - small stocks
    Please contact us for more information at: info@2real.it

    ps: we also have massive stocks of DVD AND CD cakes Verbatim , incredible stock prices as clearance!

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