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Hi, I had a crash on my win vista ultimate 64-bit, now on january 2012. Fortunately,opportunistically, I made an image of the whole partition with date december 2011, including the Master Boot Record, I used my program PARAGON 2011 Advanced recovery Now I am restoring this image , and it did restored it perfectly, but the paragon previous to restore this partition adviced me that this partition had inconsistency issues. Does anyone knows which program to detect this inconsistency issues and how to fix them . Apparently, Vista is workingly perfectly, but I know this inconsistencies exist in the system of vista , because sometimes crashes "unexpectedly", although most of the times it restores itself automatically, but it puts the warning in the screen that the system has recovered from an error, and, also, some programs cannot be installed due to this inconsistency issues, for example, you cannot install AUTOCAD 2012, the sssssystem simply cannot install it. Does any one knows which program use to detect and fix this inconsistency issues????? Thanks
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  1. Hi and welcome to Toms Hardware,

    Ok... so one thing that pooped straight into my head is that a partition loaded over a partition could leave traces of the old OS... now if you have two drives ( both the same drive letter) it could conflict with the old jazz (unless wiped properly).

    I could be wrong but it's just a theory... one way to find out is to change your drive letter of your current partition to something that has never been used.... like "k" or something. .Because the partition software would have loaded on your new partition the same drive letter as it received it .

    Eg: You old OS drive letter was "C"

    It still should be "C"

    If that fails run all updates/repair disc.

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