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I am having a rough time cloning my old disk to my new one. I am using Seagate DW and it has been sitting on operation 2 of 3 copying partition 6% complete for two hours now. Does this seem right? I am moving 128G to my 1T drive, XPSP3
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  1. No, it is not "right". I've never had a problem with the manufacturer disk cloning software so you may have a RAM problem etc.

    Try EASEUS Disk Copy: Free Disk Copy, Disk Clone, Partition Copy Software.
  2. TY for your response, do you mean a lack of enough RAM? I only have 1G in but I would think thats sufficient?
  3. No, I meant bad RAM or something else that could cause it to hang. 1GB is plenty to do a clone. If the machine runs fine and only hangs on the clone then I would try Easeus.

    A couple of things, the 1TB drive needs to be a Seagate and you should be using a DOS bootable copy of the cloning program.
  4. It's also worth running a full disk test (Scan Disk) before cloning, any FAT/MFT errors can cause problems for cloning software.
  5. TY for your responses. I ran the dick scan and there are no errors. The new drive is a SATA Seagate Barracuda. I restarted the clone and it did complete this time. It took 8 hours to clone 128G to the new drive. It says it completed w/o errors, however now the new drive hangs at the post screen (I did set it as primamry and disconnected the old drive). It finds the processor and memory but then freezes and the HD light stays lit. Any thoughts on this?

    I am not familiar with DOS bootable disks. per the instructions I should just be able to use the seagate diskwizard.

    I had no idea it was so difficult to transfer hard drives LOL
  6. update: The new drive will only boot if the old drive is still connected
  7. Is the new drive a SATA, I'm assuming? Post full specs.
  8. Seagate ST310005N1A1AS-RK
    1TB Internal
    3.5-Inch SATA
    32MB Cache Hard Drive
    3Gb/s data rate
  9. You can't set a SATA as primary. What did you do? Also, list complete specs i.e., mobo RAM, PSU etc. or whatever OEM box you bought.
  10. its is set as SATA1 and listed to boot first. I cannot tell you much about the MB because it was installed by a friend prior to my purchase.

    AMD Athlon 64 3200
    Enermax PS 431w
    DDR 400 1G
    Award BIOS
    plextor CD r/w internal
    Maxtor DVD r/w external
    Pioneer DVD ROM internal
    Maxtor HD 160G 7200 SATA
    Seagate Barracuda 1T 7200 SATA
    ATI Radeon 9550/x1050 Series
    OS XPSP3

    This is about all I know
  11. ok now I can get The new Seagate to boot but it hangs on the windows logo screen
  12. OK, that drive is really a retail version of the ST31000340AS 1TB 7200.11. Those drives are among the ones with the abysmal failure rate. See Newegg Customer Reviews to get an idea. I'm not saying the drive is bad, but... Return it for a 7200.12 or a WD6401AALS or WD7501AALS.

    You might try to boot into safe mode by pressing F8 at the OS boot. With an 8 hour clone for 128GB you have bigger problems.

    Does the mobo see the drive properly?

    Try running CPU-Z and posting the info on the mobo model and BIOS revision under the mobo tab.
  13. I can see the new drive and all the cloned files when I am in the old drive. I ran CPU-Z and this was all i got:

    model SiS-755
    chipset SiS 755/755fx Rev.01
    Southbridge SiS 964
    LPCIO ITE IT8705

    Brand Pheonix Technologies, LTD
    Version 6.00 PG
    Date 06/25/2004
  14. If I can boot the new drive but only if the old drive is also still attached, would that just mean I am missing some boot info that did not come over in the clone?
  15. or maybe a drive letter issue?
  16. That's a pretty old mobo. Do you have the drive strapped for SATA 150?
  17. I am not sure what that means could you try to explain and ty for your help on this

    I read up on this a little. Is this a card to simply enhance performance? Are you thinking the onboard SATA that I plug into is not enough? I may be way off on this....
  18. If you click on the link in my last post you will be taken to Seagate's page with full info and the strap location. Your mobo is SATA 150 (1.0) not SATA 300 (2.0) so you will need that strap in place. I don't know if it is there by default, you need to look.

    If you still don't understand tell me what you are missing.
  19. Sorry I missed that link before. My next question is, if I applied that jumper (which I just did) shouldn't it allow the new disk to boot and load XP? It still freezes on the windows screen, but I did notice it booted faster this time.

    I will certainly get a card if that card will allow me to use the full speed? but I am wondering if the freeze at the windows screen may be linked to something else, your thoughts?
  20. You should try cloning again. The clone is probably bad. Hopefully it will clone considerably faster.

    Let me know how that goes.
  21. alright I will start it now and get back to you
  22. I wanted to ask you about the SATA PCI Cards. I have tried searching on them but cannot find the answer I am looking for so I may just have a silly question LOL

    if you buy a card that supports the 300 (2.0) can you fully utilize that or does the 150 limit on the MoBo not allow it?
  23. The drive is far under SATA 150 anyway. It's somewhat of a scam. The theoretical bandwidth is increased in SATA 300 far beyond the physical capacity of the drive to deliver it. The newer solid state drives (SSD) are beginning to make use of the extra bandwidth.

    In other words don't worry about it.

    Where do you stand in your clone job?
  24. ok I will not worry about the card.

    I am 28% complete on the cloning
  25. 28% in how long, I'm guessing it's going faster?
  26. yes i think it is substantially faster
  27. So prior to placing the jumper, do you know why it was it taking longer? Was freezing up at points? What happens when you attempt to at the 300 instead of the 150 speeds?
  28. Most drives will fall back to 150. If the drive doesn't fall back to 150 it needs to be strapped. The mismatch causes problems with the data transfer.
  29. ok I can see that.

    I am at 46% complete on the cloning. Its been about 3 hours.
  30. That's faster but not really fast aye? I haven't cloned a drive in a long time so I didn't remember how long it took.

    Let's hope it boots.
  31. I am so sick of looking at percentages LOL! we are at 70% and yes it better boot
  32. I am so frustrated! It still hangs on the windows screen (in safe mode as well). It also hangs on POST screen and you have to shut it off and back on before it passes POST.

    I can log into drive F: (that is the new seagate HD) as long as I leave the old drive C: connected. Am I missing a file or something on drive F: that it uses from drive C: when I boot? Could there be an issue with the actual drive letters and the registry? I am just rambling now......
  33. If it's not passing POST without hanging then you have a hardware problem. Do you have any USBs connected? Does it hang with the drives etc. disconnected?

    Unplug everything and POST see if it hangs in the process of POST. Obviously it will fail to boot, you are looking for a hang while POSTing. If not plug in the drives one at a time and POST. You are trying to match the POST hang with a specific piece of equipment.
  34. I unpluged everything and it still hangs at POST it tests the processor then the memory and then goes no further
  35. and if it matters... the hard drive lite stays lite
  36. When I said unplug everything I meant including the HDs. It will hang at the end because there is nothing to boot.
  37. Download Ultimate Boot CD plug in the CD and boot to it, just to give it something to boot to. You will need to burn the ISO to CD with ISO Recorder or other ISO burning software.
  38. ok I unplugged everything and it runs thru POST and listed it all ok. I can plug in the old drive and it works. I unplugged that drive and tried it with just the new drive and it hangs.

    not sure if this will help but here is a few pics of my hardware (don't make fun of it :-P)
  39. ok I will work on the boot CD now
  40. If you got it to post without hanging, youi don't need to boot to the UBCD, although it is a handy resurce to have. I would send that drive back and get one of the ones I mentioned above.

    I really think it is the drive, or possibly the old mobo/drive combo.
  41. oh man :-(

    can you return drives once you have messed with them?
  42. if I decide to upgrade the MoBo would you have any suggestions?
  43. I'm not very good with AMD. I would start a new thread with your full specs. Ask if anyone thinks you could have compatibility problems and what's a good relatively current mobo to get. If the drive is flaky you should be able to return it, assuming you don't wait too long.

    There are a lot of AMD aficionados here that can probably give you assistance based on personal experience.
  44. Ok thank you very much Zorg for all your help and time on this
  45. Just wanted to update this thread for anyone who has this issue. I finally got my XP disk integrated with SP2 and was able to go into my new hard drive and repair XP. Not sure what the hardware issue is/was. The drive is now booting fine and loading XP. I will leave the old drive in for a month or so to be sure the new drive is truly ok.
  46. Congratulations

    So the drive you were cloning was XP pre SP1? I should have asked, I assumed that by now everyone had at least SP2. XP pre SP1 has a 137GB partition limit due to no 48 bit LBA. if you already had SP1 then going to SP2 shouldn't have made a difference. Maybe you just needed to do a repair of the clone, which I have never seen before. Definitely keep the old drive for a while.
  47. ty.

    I figured out the entierty of my problems. As always "they" (in this case Seagate) seem to leave a detail or two out of the instructions.

    When cloning a drive, once the clone is complete and you shut your computer down be sure you disconnect the old drive and plug the new drive in its place prior to restarting.

    The new drive is an exact clone of the old C: and if you leave both drives connected the drive letter of the second drive will be assigned to something other then C: and thats where the problem comes in.
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