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So i have my new E8400 in my system in an antec 900 with a zalman 9700 fan. i oced it to 3.6 with stock voltage. temps are around 29c idle, and 62c load. it seems rather high doesnt it? im using speed fan with vista x64. mobo is gigabyte x38 DS4
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  1. 62C... no, not really. What's to say it is even that hot? Or that cold? The temps could be way off considering the relatively high number of incorrect readings that are popping up around the net for this chip and other 45nm chips.
  2. if the temp sensor is accurate, then 62C is a little toasty for stock voltages. That temp is what I get at 4Ghz and 1.38Volts. But it definitely isn't high enough to damage the processor. Give Coretemp a try, it might give a slightly more accurate reading.
  3. i tried coretemp but it doesnt seem to work on vista 64
  4. makotech222, to which temperatures are you referring; Tcase (CPU temp) or Tjunction (Core temp)? Please read the Core 2 Quad and Duo Temperature Guide -

    From the Guide:

    Section 1: Introduction

    Intel provides separate thermal specifications for 2 different sensor types; a CPU Case (not computer case) Thermal Diode located within the CPU die between the Cores, and Digital Thermal Sensors located within each Core. The Case Thermal Diode measures Tcase (Temperature Case), which is CPU temp, and the Digital Thermal Sensors measure Tjunction (Temperature Junction), which is Core temp. Since these sensors measure 2 distinct thermal levels, there is a constant temperature difference between them, which is Tcase to Junction Delta. C2Q`s have 1 Tcase and 4 Junction sensors, while C2D`s have 1 Tcase and 2 Junction sensors.

    Intel does not provide information comparing Tcase and Junction specifications. Consequently, there is much confusion among users regarding temperature monitoring, software utilities, test methods, Calibrations and Offsets, so Results can be difficult to decipher and compare. When listing Idle & Load test Results, it's also necessary to list the Variables as shown below:


    Tcase = Idle & Load
    Tjunction = Idle & Load, hottest Core


    Ambient = Room Temp
    Chipset = Model
    C2Q / C2D = Model
    CPU Cooler = Model
    Frequency = CPU Clock
    Load = Test Program
    Motherboard = Model
    Stepping = Revision
    Vcore = CPU Voltage

    Also from the Guide:

    Section 6: Scale

    Scale 2: Duo
    E8x00: Tcase Max 72c, C0 Stepping, Tjunction Max 105c, Vcore Default 1.250, TDP 65w, Delta 15c
    E8x90: Tcase Max 72c, C0 Stepping, Tjunction Max 105c, Vcore Default 1.250, TDP 65w, Delta 15c

    --70--/--85--85-- Hot
    --65--/--80--80-- Warm
    --60--/--75--75-- Safe
    --25--/--40--40-- Cool

    As you can see, it's important to be specific, otherwise the temperature topic is reduced to nothing more than apples and oranges thermal fruit salad.

    randomizer, additional information from the Guide:

    Section 15: Troubleshooting

    Notice: A significant percentage of 45 nanometer processors are being reported with defective DTS sensors, which can be characterized as displaying unresponsive Core temperatures, particularly at lower Scale. Also being reported are excessive Offsets between Cores of as much as 8c. These issues apply to E8000, Q9000 and QX9000 series processors.

    (B) Offsets between Cores of up to 5c for Quad`s and 3c for Duo`s are normal.

    Comp :sol:
  5. makotech222 said:
    i tried coretemp but it doesnt seem to work on vista 64

    If you hit F8 during boot and disable enforced driver signing (or something similar) you should be able to run coretemp no prob. Microsoft likes little companies to pay big money to sign their drivers for vista.
  6. I'm surprised no one can read even the main page of the software they are downloading. The main page has a link for the Vista64 work around clearly marked and the instructions are simple enough for a 5 year old.

  7. Use Everest Ultimate trial. Works fine on my Vista 64 system.
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