Brand new build finished (pics)

Just finished my first build yesterday. I just want to say thanks to all the people who answered every question I had and gave me advice. Final specs are:

Antec 900
8800GTS 512
4gb XMS2
PC Power & Cooling 610
Seagate 500gb

Best wire management I can do without modifing. Thanks again for all the help. Hopefully the pics show
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  1. Looking good are/have you overclocked.I really like the Antec 900.
  2. Not yet. I had a feeling that would be the first question
  3. In the end the reason I shelled out the extra bucks for the P182 was so I had someplace built in to hide all my cables. I suck at cable management, and knew I needed all the help I could get.

    Its absolutely beautiful inside my P182 right now (as long as you don't look behind the MB tray...)

    Benchmarks? I'd love to know what you are getting out of the box before any OC. What CPU cooler is that? I have the same MOBO, GPU, and amount of memory, but went with the Q6600.

    Congrats on the successful build!
  4. Got 12649 on 3DMark06. Think that is a good score for it being all stock settings? That is the stock Intel cooler. Any other benchmarks you recommend?
  5. 3D Mark is the best bragger and the one most utilized to compare systems.

    If you have Crysis you can run that and tell us the frames
  6. Very nice... I wish the pictures were bigger!
  7. can you tell us where you got your motherboard from and if it came with the latest bios (F8a i think) that makes it totally penryn friendly?

    if it does not have this bios, i read a thread elsewhere on toms that said you can download the new bios and flash the board using the E8400.

    previously there was much talk about having to have a 65nm chip to use to do all that if the board did not come with the latest bios.

    and of course, congrats on your build. very nice.

    say, if you completely lose your mind and have nothing better to do with your time, i am curious to know the benefit of a few things... so OC it to the max with the stock cooler and tell us the numbers, then get a thermalright ultra-120 extreme, lap it and the E8400 on a thick flat piece of glass with increasingly finer grades of sandpaper, clean it all up, install it all and use some artic silver, wait a couple weeks and many thermal cycles for the TIM to set up, then OC the hell out of it again, and let us know how much better the numbers got. :)
  8. shweet monitor ^^
  9. Thanks.
  10. I ordered it from New Egg and got the Rev 2 version. I forgot what version it came with but I just used the Q-Flash and used a usb flash drive to change it to F8a
  11. What was your total cost?

  12. Dirtdog15 said:
    Got 12649 on 3DMark06. Think that is a good score for it being all stock settings? That is the stock Intel cooler. Any other benchmarks you recommend?

    Where did you place on the 3DMark06 site?
    You running XP?

    This just my opinion but that seems kinda low, perhaps the dual processor is why though. Its blazzin fast but maybe 3DMark06 gives higher marks to the quads.

    I am only saying this because I got 11900 on Vista64 with my sig below. On XP I score FAR higher.
  13. What you can do with the Antec 900 for cable man. is to run the cables through the back side of the case (There are few slots open on the motherboard tray that allow you to route unused cables through. If you remove the other side of the case and slip some through, it'll make for a much cleaner case.

    Nice rig btw. I do recommend trying to bundle all the cables though. That way you get the best possible front -> back airflow.
  14. Your build is exactly, and I mean exactly, what I was planning on using in my new personal rig. You even picked the same power supply. That's awesome. Grats on that beast.
  15. I am running XP Home and it seems that other peoples scores are right around the same. Total cost was around 1100 before rebates. Before I start to OC I just used CPU-Z and was wondering if everything seems to be about right? Thanks
  16. It looks like your CPU is actually underclocked if I'm reading that right-I *think* your multiplier should be set to 9. Right now it looks like you're only running at 2 ghz.
  17. I think it's Speed Step just underclocking since the CPU is idle.
  18. Oh, right on. : )
  19. In regards to your cable management.

    You can also run some of the cables up the inside along where the drives are (the front of the PC) your side window will still fit on with the cables in there.
  20. looks awesome
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