did i got DOA artic freezer?

i just built a rig, e4500, geforce 8800gt, 2 gb crucial, antec neo 550, .....
and for the cooler, i have bought artic cooling freezer 7 pro

my mobo is set on max speed for all fans, but im only getting 600rpm, is this doa?, speciation says that min is 900rpm,
im not having trouble with the temp, idle - 33, load - 50 not bad FOR NOW i was planning to OC (maybe if the games are lagging) then it will cause probs. i dont want to send it back, it will take more thatn a week.

anyone have this cooler? what rpm are you getting at 100%?
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  1. what motherboard you have? try plug the cpu fan on different fan connector, most cpu fan are thermal controled, you have to diable in the BIOS.
  2. i have gigabyte, p35
    GIGABYTE GA-P35-DS4 Rev. 2.0 LGA 775 Intel P35 ATX Ultra Durable II Intel Motherboard - Retail
  3. You prolly have a chipset feature in the bios called...... smart fan.

    So, more then likely, its running at a low rpm, until it hits a certain temp, which then it will kick into full speed. See if you can find it, and disable it. That should cause it to run at full speed.
  4. gigabyte motherboard come with a program call easy tune 5. it has a option to adjust the fan speed.
  5. do you just want to hear your computer from the other side of the house? why max out all fans?

    these guys are right, it's not spinning up because it's being thermally controlled from the bios. it will speed up when temps get to a certain point. you'll have to find the option to disable in the bios.
  6. DOA could also mean:

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  7. CPU Smart FAN Control

    Enables or disables the CPU fan speed control function. Enabled allows the CPU fan to run at different speed according to the CPU temperature. You can adjust the fan speed with EasyTune
    based on system requirements. If disabled, CPU fan runs at full speed.

    CPU Smart FAN Mode

    Specifies how to control CPU fan speed. This item is configurable only if CPU Smart FAN Control is set to Enabled.
    Auto Lets BIOS autodetect the type of CPU fan installed and sets the optimal CPU fan control mode. (Default)
    Voltage Sets Voltage mode for a 3-pin CPU fan.
    PWM Sets PWM mode for a 4-pin CPU fan.
    Note: The Voltage mode can be set for a 3-pin CPU fan or a 4-pin CPU fan. However, for a 4-pin
    CPU fan that is not designed following Intel PWM fan specifications, selecting PWM mode may not
    effectively reduce the fan speed.
  8. DOA means, Digg Oprah's Ass.
  9. i didnt said that im going to 100% my fans. i saw the specs about this fan that min speed was 900rpm....
    i got it.
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