First Time Build. Worried about CPU Temps!

ok so i just built my rig :) and ive been running Speedfan and some programs to max out my cores to test my Temps. BTW here is my rig.

Thermaltake M9 Mid Tower Case.
4 120mm Case fans. 2 Blowing in on the side panel 1 blowing in from the front and 1 blowing out in the back.
BIOSTAR Tseries. TA790GX A2+
AMD Px4 9850 BE 2.5GHz Quad Core
8GB A-data DDR2 RAM 800 MHz with Head spreaders Four 2GB chips.
320GB Western Digital HD 7200RPM
Samsung DvD Burner with Litescribe
Antec 850Watt PSU ( 80% CTF )
Windows Vista 64-bit SP1


my idle Temp is 40c-45c and under load i can see 50-55c maybe higher. i have the Stock 9850 Heatsink and fan installed. now i was thinking about buying the Zalman 9500a and Arctic Silver 5 Thermal Compound but im not sure how i install it. stock was just pop on and go but im not sure how to install the TC and do i need to take that back plate off the Mobo or not. anways could someone school me a bit. should i get the new HSF? or are them Temps ok? or should i change the Config of my Fans? thanks blaze.

* Edit * oh and FYI i dont plan on overclocking this system at all. i dont trust my self lol and i find the system to run fast so im fine with current speeds. also until someone replies im almost scared to run any games lol of fear of 55c temp O.o
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  1. those temp you got now is fine for the stock cooler.

    but dont get the Zalman 9500!its not worth the price! get the Xigmatek S1283/OCZ Vendetta 2 or the Sumbeam Core Contact cooler those are the best you can get for the money.
  2. About 65c is where you start being concerned.
    As suggested, if your temps worry you, get an aftermarket cooler. But don't be too worried, those are pretty normal temps for an AMD processor.
  3. 70C is the OC limit on a 65nm CPU and 65C on a 45nm CPU.
  4. just orded the Xigmatek S1283 off im glad my cpu temps are normal i was worried. but hey the cooler the better eh? XD
  5. the xiggy will be much much better!
  6. i have almost the EXACT SAME SYSTEM as u but only 4 gigs of ram and a different case... i have OCd my 9850 so it runs HOT!!! but i got this cooler:
    and it keeps it below 40 idle and below 45 even after playing crysis for a few hours... highly recomend it, even though u already bought a cooler... but maybe u can spread the word, and recomend it to other ppl if they ask u about 1!!!
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