Will a Q6600 run at 2133mhz FSB, or is there an FSB limit?

Hi, i'm new to OC'ing but i would really like to know if its possible to run a Q6600 @ 2133mhz FSB as i just brought an Asrock P45R2000, i know its not a great mobo, but on Hardware Canucks web site this mobo is running an E6550 @586mhz(2344mhz) FSB! Is the only limiting factor of the FSB for the Q6600 the mobo or does the Q6600 have a top FSB limit? Any help in explaining this would be really appreciated, cheers.
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  1. There is no 'technical' FSB limit.

    Overclocking varies by CPU (individual CPU's within the same series have different liumits) and the rest of yuour components. Upping the FSB for the CPU also increases it for the rest of your components, so the weakest link will be your stable limit.

    If that makes sense....
  2. You'll hit the thermal limit before you reach your mobo's FSB limit if it's a q6600. The CPU itself doesn't have a FSB "limit" it's up to your mobo's capabilities and how cool you can keep the CPU.

    Considering the Q6600 at 586FSB would be doing 5.274Ghz (9x586 = 5274), you would need liquid nitrogen or something lol.

    The highest a q6600 can get on a good air cooler is roughly around 3.6-3.8Ghz(400-422FSB). Dunno about water cooling but I doubt that it's much higher than 4Ghz.
  3. Uh, why do you want to run your Q6600 at 2133 FSB?
  4. as far as im concerned, you would probably need some insane cooling and be one of the lucky few with a low as hell VID to get that kinda of fsb with a quad...

    maybe he has 1066 ram and wants to use it to full?
  5. 533 x 9 = 4.794G. Good luck with that.

    First try 333 x 9 = 3G with 1:1 @ 667 or 5:6 @ 800, then 400 x 8 = 3.2G with 1:1 @ 800.
  6. yup i agree wiht zorg, down clock your ram so it is syncronous with your CPU, so down to 533, then OC from there, i would imagine that 3.2 would be good that way if you have ddr2 - 800 then you are stock for the ram so you wont be getting memory errors, and it wont be the restricting factor. and anything above that is a plus.
  7. maybe he's not going to use the 9 multiplier?
  8. Hi, thank you all for the quick replies and i wanted to run the Q6600 @ 6x533 (3198mhz) so i can make use of my ddr3 1333 ram underclocked to 1066mhz so i can have a cpu:dram ratio of 1:1, the reason why i want to do this is because i cant afford an expensive set-up but it would be nice to make my PC run fast, just to see what i'm missing out on if i had the money for a real fast PC!
  9. its all down to the mobo's ability to run at such high FSB.6x or even 7x multipier on the Q6600 is ok.
  10. Hi again, i forgot i was gonna try this with air cooling (xigmatek s1283+Antec 300 case) or is this just a pipe dream due to the heat factor?
  11. the Q6 can do 3.6Ghz+ on the xiggy. you might need to get one of those Antec spot cool or Zalman's PCI fan mounting to point a fan at the NB.
  12. OK, cheers thats good to know thanks.
  13. cool. you got it running yet?
  14. Err, no im waiting on my new case to arrive today as my case is old, sad and bad, really bad. But when i do i will try to post again to tell people the results good or bad!
  15. you can try a open platform for now and test to see what you can achieve.
  16. Unfortunately you wasted your money on the DDR3. The Q6600 is not that sensitive to increased RAM speed. You may get a little more due to the increased FSB at the lower multi but I suspect it will only be noticeable in benches. Since you have it you might as well play. The increased FSB/RAM speed will put more stress on the mobo, so run different settings to determine whether you "feel" like the additional stress is worth it.

    Since you are new to OCing, I suggest you do the intermediate OCs that I suggested above and test load temps before moving higher.

    Use Prime95 small FFTs to load the CPU.
    Use Real Temp 2.75 Beta to test the core temps.

    I strongly suggest you read these links as well.
    Core 2 Quad and Duo Temperature Guide
    HOWTO: Overclock C2Q (Quads) and C2D (Duals) - Guide v1.6.1

    Be careful you can easily significantly shorten the life of the Q6600 at 3.6G.
  17. Hi, thanks for all the information i will definitely read/use everything you suggested, also i was only gonna run the Q6600 @3.2ghz but when you say i will shorten its life span will it be by a lot as as long as the CPU+mobo lasts say 5yrs i'll be happy with that.
  18. Not a problem at 3.2G for the CPU, assuming temps are kept in check. I was referring to the 3.6G OC that was mentioned.

    I don't expect that the FSB of 2132 will have a deleterious effect on the mobo. This would be dependent on increases in voltages, and resultant heat, to keep it stable.

    Keep an eye on your Northbridge temps.

    You might just want to stick with the 3.2G, 8 multi, 1:1 @ 800, but whatever makes you happy.
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