Help with 780i motherboard

Hey building up my PC here and running into a bit of problem.

its specs are 780i mobo , qx9650 processor, no ram at moment, geforce 6600 gfx (to be replaced soon).

Now problem is when i turn it on without the CPU, the mobo comes on and everything works fine.
When i put the CPU it starts for a second and comes off.
Also not sure if this makes a difference i am using a liquid cooling system which won't use the originial fan not sure if that would be the cause of the computers sudden shut down.

Help or suggestions much appreciated.
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  1. anybody know where i can find a faq of typical hardware problems
  2. well you said you have no ram atm could that be your problem
  3. well thing is the mobo comes on when the CPU not there but with the CPU the entire thing just shuts off. Well if its the RAM i will find out tuesday but i really doubt that is the problem.
  4. why would you even try powering it up when you dont have all the parts yet??? did you expect it to work?
  5. and have you tried searching here:
  6. no wasn't expecting to have windows load or anything
    i am just watching the internal behaviour. It was working aka fan spinning and led's lighting when i press the power button and when i put in the CPU it just starts for a second and fan's and LED's just drop dead for some reason i think that should not happen ( sarcasm).
  7. yeah i already had posted something on EVGA same time with this post.
  8. ok i talked to a friend of mine so what i gather is that it really need the major components otherwise it cuts off. Not sure how true it is but its the only thing i have to work with.
  9. well it was not the RAM
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