Inno3D 8800GT, NEED HELP

Hi guys, i need some help quick, like by tomorow. I have been long lingering around wondering if i should get the 8800GT. so my mind is set out to get one of these babies. looking around i found an Inno3D 8800GT 512MB, for $210 with free shipping. So i am interested if the inno3D band is any good, or should i go with someone else?
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  1. i would get the MSI 8800GT its double slot so expecting a better overall cooling for $219 and $199 after rebate
  2. I agree with trencin. You'd be better off getting the MSI one with the upgraded heatsink. Unless you can find another for cheap enough to also buy a 3rd party cooler, thats your best bet.
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