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Hi, has anyone upgraded ther asus g70s to windows 7 if so how did you get on as i am going to upgrade to windows 7 pro 64-bit.
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  1. Well I personally haven't, but in case your hardware doesn't Windows 7 drivers out (yet), then you can try using Windows Vista drivers first. 7 was designed to work with them anyway.
  2. everythign works great in 7 jsut remember to upgrade your nvidia drivers and your esata drivers and yout touch pad drivers and wireless youll need to goto each manufatures website as they arent poseted on on the asus site
  3. Regarding Upgrading Windows Vista to Windows 7 on Asus G70S
    Actually yes you can i have same laptop and managed to get all but one driver for STK700D. have no idea on that one. also i had to download all the asus software that the hotkeys use but all programs are working correctly and yes i used all the vista drivers on the Asus support website. The Hot keys them selves dont work but except for the muti function on the touchpad brightness is the only part not working. Everything else works great. when you do the drivers for your rig use 304.79Verde Driver from Nvidias website. I have found it to be the most stable for the 8700m GT. I have Windows 7 Ultimate 64Bit installed. I could not get the temps cpu led to work right or the lighting blinking on the laptop lid but i can live without the flashing lights. as far as the led goes i just use a monitor widget for cpu temps and gpu temps etc.. The set A through E hot keys for game profiles dont work at all. Unable to find the driver for these or program that uses them. lastly you will have to download a third party program to display the webcam correctly. mine was upside down. Solved Googled found a Manycam program used it to flip orientation of cam. just choose Virtual cam from the list and bam your all set. Hope this works for you. If i come across any of the other things i have listed as not working and get them working then i will add them. Good luck.
  4. pleas to driver asus g70
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