Question about 1 Router, 1 Network Printer & 2 PCs

My first post so go easy on me :-)

I have 2 Pcs running windows vista & a linksys wag54gxvs wireless router + have just purchased a HP 5550n Laserjet printer.

What I want to do is connect my 2 pcs + printer all into the router via ethernet cables so both Pcs can access the printer. The 2 pcs are connected to the router via ethernet cables already & work fine. As it stands I have a USB printer which the host computer needs to be turned on to use the printer from the "2nd" computer. This isn't any use to me anymore & it would be much better the new way.

I have connected the printer to the router via an ethernet cable but my computer cannot find it. Do I need to do something? I have downloaded the drivers from HP for the printer & installed but they cannot find the printer either. I haven't tried using a USB lead to install the printer as you would a normal printer because I don't want it to work this way. I presume if I did then it will run off the PC fine.

Hope someone can give me a little pointer..


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  1. Your printer comes with standard HP Jetdirect 620n Fast Ethernet Print Server in EIO slot so all you have to do it log into your printer's console and set it up.
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