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Please excuse me if I got the wrong forum/thread for this inquiry...

I have a customer who purchased a Wireless printer and wants it connected to his 3 PCs. The easiest solution is to get a WiFi router and USB WiFi adapters and make it a happy WiFi environment among all the objects.

Unfortunately, the customer signed a contract to maintain a network jack for each PC...so whether or not he is using the jack he is being charged so he wants to use them.

Someone suggested that he:
1) Maintain the ethernet connectivity for Internet
2) Purchase the WiFi Router and WiFi Adapters
3) Configure a WiFi environment "just" for printing (at this point).
\--> So 1 PC will have 2 network adapters with separate IP address: 1-Ethernet and 2-Wireless USB.

Is this solution a wise idea?

I'm leaning towards connecting the PC to the printer, and share the printer that way...save the wireless until his contract is up with Ethernet.

Thoughts? Thank you.
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  1. You're making it way too complicated. Does the printer have a wired network jack? Does the customer have another free jack? If so, use a wired network connection to the printer. If not, just get a wireless access point and use a wireless connection to the printer.

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