Please HELP with memory!!!

i've got (Kingston 1GB 800Mhz RAM)x4. and my WinXP & Vista uses only 3.2GB of it. and dunno where is other 867KB on XP. on vista it looks like it's sharint it with VGA. but its still like my XP.
How can i use FULL of it? :pt1cable:
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  1. Install a 64 bit OS is the only way.
  2. ^ nice.
  3. Nice :) I'm bookmarking it ..
  4. oh i see thx for the advice(zorg & badge)!!! and i still don't get this:
    "on my 32bit Vista it says it is sharing the remaining Memory with VGA"
  5. Your motherboard has onboard video, (no video card installed) thats what it means by sharing, windows is sharing its memory with the onboard video chip.
  6. Yep When I had my 4gb in Vista shared a lovely 768mb or something memory with my GPU, not that it matters really as it doesnt ever use it unless it needs too, which isn't a bad thing if you run out of memory space on the GPU.
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