I really need help on ocing my q6600 because of fsb ram ratio

Hi.. I have a:

Motherboard: EVGA 650i ULTRA A1

Procesor: Intel Q6600 stock cooling

RAM: OCZ ddr2 800 2x1gb platinum revision

I need help cause I want to OC my cpu but I'm new to ocing.. I have a 2:3 ram-fsb ratio... what setting should I change and to what?

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  1. The FSB ratio you need will be called Sync mode.

    When in Sync mode, it allows the RAM to opporate in sync with the data bus it has to send information over. Sync mode will make your RAM speed equal to double the FSB.

    So right now you have a stock FSB of 266. Basically your RAMs data bus is only fast enough to truly support 533 Mhz RAM, hehee!

    That's why they use the multiplier. To make it look like your RAM is running at its rated speed. Even though it cant, because the data bus is to slow!

    So when you set the memory frequency to sync mode. The RAM speed will be double the FSB.

    That means you are safe to hit 400 x 9 for 3.6 Ghz on the CPU, and while at 400 FSB, your RAM in sync will be running at double, so 800 Mhz.


  2. Yuck... nvidia boards aren't great at OCing =(
  3. and err 650i... need i say more... 680i was terrible enough with a Q6600 :??:
  4. Hehehe, so very True! However, if you can believe it, 650i and 750i are both better than the 680i, hehehe!

    I had a buzz killer 680i, 2.8xx was the max it would do with a q6600!

  5. I really need help in ocing it.. like helping me while i'm doing the overclock tweakings... what else should I change other than the ratio?
  6. I saw some comments that the OCZ platinum 2 ddr2 800 is not a good oc'er.. is that true? will I encounter any problems when I oc my q6600 under these specs?
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