Windows xp restore points are disappearing

my restore points will not restore in windows xp service pack 3What can i do??
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  1. best is to do a repair install of XP, look in Tom's XP forum, fifth post from the top
    repair install does not erase the personal files, do not reformat the drive or delete the partitions.
    You may need to re install drivers, get them from the computer manufacturer's website.
    Afterwords, when the computer runs again, start an online back up service such as Mozy.
    Use a high quality anti virus from now on. It is frequently malware that disables your system restore.
  2. I have ran online scans and they find nothing as in malware... virus or trojans..
    I use avg antivirus, adaware, spywareblaster, zonealarm firewall and spybot search and destroy. all are up to date and never find anything.. and the restore points are there but they will not restore to a previous point when I run it...
  3. Boot into safe mode, and try the restore points there.
  4. aford10 said:
    Boot into safe mode, and try the restore points there.

    ok I will try that one then let you know how it turned out

  5. I booted in safemode adn it owrked ..I am not sure Why it would not work in regular boot up though. I have since ran trend micro and found nothing wrong and upgraded all protection again and ran them and still nothing .. maybe just a bad file .. seams to be working ok now...

    Thanks to all for the help...
  6. You're welcome.
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