9600gt oc available

Today i went to my local bestbuy store and found five 9600gt oc boxes in a steel cage as always. Sorry that i didnt find the price but the company is BFG and not EVGA. It might not be available in all bestbuy stores.
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  1. Really? I work at Bestbuy in the computer department, gah my store is new and in the suburb. So Its possible we won't be getting it at all...
  2. Im in New Jersey by the Garden State mall and the store had them in stock. But the prices are outrages there. $240 for an oc'ed 8600gts.
  3. I just rode down to the BestBuy here in Gastonia,NC.They have them in stock.$230,right beside it is 8800 GTOC for $280.Both cards are grossly overpriced.The average consumer will be duped into buying the 9600,thinking it is a better card(than the 8800GTOC)because of its higher number(9600).
  4. dang other 9600GT are appearing as well...
    (and is it just me or are the asian companies like MSI Chaintech Gigabyte like to use chicks as mascots...not that there's anythign wrogn with that,those chciks are all pretty hot..in a srtistic sort of way)(btw I'm not trying to be offensive or anything,i'm chiense myself)
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