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Flash Drive Installing Windows.


I'm using a sandisk cruzer to try to install windows on my new rig. I've got a legit windows key, and serial number. Just lost the CD a long time ago, and don't have a sata Drive. Now, there is windows XP on my current sata harddrive but it is incompatable with the system (it was installed on another system.) So sense I don't got any DVD/CD burners, or any way of buying one for a month. I looked into making my USB flash drive bootable.

I've used the HP USB Disk Formating tool to format it with FAT32, and dos Windows 98 files (Command,IO.sys,MSDOS.sys) thinking this would make it bootable. Tossed A version of windows XP I downloaded SP3, onto the drive, appatempted to boot it, but when I boot the flash drive with my gigabyte X38 DS4, it just loads windows 98 for half a second and brings me to a DOS C:\. which was similer when I tried to install windows 7 from my USB drive where as that brought me 2 windows ME dos screen. It seems not to autorun so I don't really know how to partition my disk, format, and install a fresh coppy of windows.

Could anyone provide any help on this?
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    Try WinToFlash

    Hope this helps!
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