OC'd q6600 unable to function at all

hi, this is sort of a long story, so ill start from the begining.

last year i made my first computer with these parts

Q6600 at stock speeds. vid-1.2625
MSI p6n diamond
zalman 9700 cpu cooler
evga 8800gts 640mb
OCZ 700w psu
4 gigs muskin ddr2 800m ram
thermaltake tough armour series case
HDDs and DVD burners, and 5 case fans.

ok, never had any problem with any of it. so i decided a while ago to try overclock my q6600 to 3ghz(9x333). i was unable to keep it stable, i could run prime for hours but i would get a blue screen when id play a game for around 20 mins. after many crashes my HDD started to make a chirping noise, so i put all bios and cpu speeds back to their origional settings


i bought fable:the lost chapters,which was a great xbox game, but i wanted to play through a gain on the pc. i had many problems where it crashed, froze, bluescreened, and just restarted my computer. so i tried a few other games, crysis UT3, Stalker, and i had no problems. I read online later that the pc fable was buggy and many people also had similar problems. but all the restarting and crashing made my HDD messy, chirping and stuff like that.


i turn on my pc and i get a screen saying to check my hdd for consistancy, so i let it do that and it deletes alot of my windows data. i use the repair cd that came with xp and it was fine. the next time i turn it on it does not recognise the hdd, so i swapped it for a old ied one, and it would not load windows from it.

I bought a new HDD, thinking that was the problem and upgraded my psu at the same time so it could handle a 4870 or gtx 260. and when i load the windows install cd i get a blue screen. so i went into the bios and enabled the fail safe options than tried to load xp, i got as far as the desktop and it restarts. i tried it again and it constantly restarted at the desktop.

I know that it is not a heat issue becuase of the fans and the size of my case, and it is not my HDD or PSU becuase they are new. so that leaves my with my cpu, ram or mobo. i dont have any spare parts to try and plug in, so im either going to wait till the nahelem cpus launch and than get new parts, or if anyone might have a idea on what is wrong i might be able to work with that. thanks a lot and sorry that this was so long
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  1. did you check the hd cords?

    get an ultimate boot c.d. to test your ram, hard drives

    also write down the number of the blue screen the google it and that will most likely show you the problem
  2. Don't just say you know that it's not a heat issue because of the fans and size of your case. Did you take any temperature readings from your CPU/GPU/Motherboard? If your CPU heatsink is loose you can have as many fans in your case you like, it'll still overheat.
  3. If you are manually changing the settings back to factory default in your BIOS, you may want to try resetting cmos on your motherboard. This will definitely change any settings you may have made and not remembered that could be causing the problem.

    That was the 1st thing that came to mind and is the easiest way to be sure the settings are back to default so your cpu should operate at stock speeds as long as theres not permanent damage to your board or cpu.

    Theres no work around for a buggy game. All you can do is try different drivers.

    If nothing works then you may have a damaged motherboard. Be sure you connected all of the cables correctly. What power supply did you upgrade to?
  4. hell, I'd like to know the rest of his set up while he was trying to OC. If his RAM is at stock, then its applying a divider that takes it from 800 Mhz at 266 FSB on up higher. So that could explain stressing the CPU and stuff being fine, yet failing in games with BSODs.

    And then you have to wonder if he was trying the "Auto" over clock, and not adjusting his voltages fine.

    And Jesus! What the hell is the mother board?

    The rest of the posters mention re setting the CMOS and getting the temps read, but I just wanna know what the hell the board it!


    It's not the processor. Your Processor will do 3.6 Ghz at around 1.376 volts. Thats what mine uses for a basic speed, at least!

    It's prolly the RAM being over clocked unless he syncs it up. Crash to many times, and windows will check the drive for errors, and delete the damaged and un readable file fragments that were destroyed.

    After all, when you are testing stuff, lots of the fails come from background or loading system junk, and if one gets damaged when you crash, no more windows!

    Good Luck!

  5. RAM timings are too tight perhaps?
  6. its best to show us a screenshot of Coretemp,CPU-Z(showing CPU+RAM timing)
  7. ok, the mobo was a msi P6N diamond. I was using a seagate 320g harddrive, and im sure that the cords were good becuase i had them for a yeatr before i overclocked with no problems.

    I dont have any screen shots of core temp, or anything like that, i had to get rid of the old HDD and my comp wont even stay on at the desktop before it crashes. so i cannot acces anything fromthat computer.

    back when i overclocked my comp i put the cpu v at around 1.3-1.34volts, and had the memory timings at auto with voltage at anywhere between 1.8v-2.2v.

    Heat was not a problem, my cpu ran around 35c-38c on idle and around 50c under load. its a little hot but it only reached that temp when it was running prime 95 for about 8 hours.

    i think i added a small percent increase to the north board(around 8% i think) and i think i increased the fsb volt, but i dont remember if that is what its called. i never added to much voltage to anything.

    so since that didnt work i just loaded the fail safe options for the bios and that returned everyhting back to its normal clock and voltage. and it still wont stop crashing
  8. im kinda thinking its the mobo that went bad. q6600 are suposto b good at overclocking, and my vid was 1.2625 so 3ghz shouldnt have killed it. and my bios still shows 4 gigs or ram so i think that is good also. so the only thing else is the mobo, right???
  9. Wheres the OP? You might want to get back and respond soon before everyone loses interest and your post disappears into oblivion...
  10. Those problems sound like ram all the way to me.
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