AMD Athlon XP, Switches off, something beeps? No idea!

Ok! about a while ago my CPU fan for my AMD Athlon XP somehow stopped working - (probably because of dust). Anyway, the computer used to start up and then after a while (because of no fan working, just the Heatink) it would switch off. I did this a few times and nothing was wrong with it. Anyhoo! I bought a new fan and heatsink for Socket A and it arrived this morning, i applied AS5, attached and locked the HSF onto the CPU. NOW, SO HAPPY to turn it on and get on with my Overdue coursework! AND What happens? I switch it on, it stays on for about 3 seconds, then switches off and STRAIGHT away, one loud beep and then it quietens down and beeps continue forever, very quietly, but enough to hear. I have taken out the battery, switched off the PSU, i always ground myself before opening the computer. WHATS WRONG?!?!?! I have seen the BIOS Beeping error codes but my one is NO WHERE. One loud beep but then quietens down and it continues with short beeps, one after the other........I do not know what it is? I don't think the CPU died did it? Help, please help!
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  1. Power supply, system board, or keyboard problem
  2. What brand PSU, and Motherboard do you have?
  3. Ooooo... Hmmmm...

    You might want to take the HS off, and pop out the chip and closely inspect the die. if it has a crack/chip in it.. sorry to say its toast.

    Other then that, not sure.
  4. On some of the socket A motherboards you had to have the fan on the heatsink connected to the CPU FAN connector on the motherboard or else the PC would not boot.

    Did you connect the new fan in the same place as the previous fan?
  5. You probably broke your CPU running it with no fan until it shut off - not a good idea. Probably durring the install of the new HSF there was some stress just enough to push it over the edge of not working at all. Time to buy a new computer.
  6. purplerat might be right, without the IHS of newer desktop CPUs, the AthlonXPs are susceptible to damage from pressure of a heatsink and heat related damage more-so then a processor with a heatspreader on it. It could just be that the heatsink is improperly applied and it is shutting down for that reason. Also, if any thermal paste got on anything but the die, it could be shorting the bridges on the CPU, which might cause an issue.
  7. Idk what all these people are doing giving bad repair advice, this has always worked for me first I want you to take a big baseball bat or golf club something big and blunt then I want you to get a huge jug of water. Turn the computer on and pour the jug of water on it after the jug is empty I want you to start hitting it with the big blunt object until the side panel then I want you to start hitting the inside of it. Once thats done I want you to buy a new computer.
  8. Yeah, what he said...
  9. I had the same problem with my athlon XP 3200+ cpu. You more than likely put too much thermal paste on it and when you set the heatsink some of it got off the die. Take the cooler off and remove all heatsink paste and try reapplying it using less than you did the last time. It took me three days to figure this out when it happened to me and I thought some hardware had failed. After redoing the thermal paste it was working just fine.
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