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Hi there,

with a typical onboard raid-0 controller, such as is standard on most high end motherboards, what is the maximum throughput? I don't seem to be able to find this information anywhere.

I'm considering putting two 30 GB OCZ vertex ssd's in raid-0, but only if it makes sense, i.e. if the throughput of the onboard raid controller is high enough.

For me the cost of an external controller is not worth it in comparison to the cost of these small SSDs.

thx in advance!
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  1. Welcome to the forums!

    RAID0 doubles the average transfer rate of our hard disk drive.
    How this disk performance increase reflects on overall system performance? It will depend on the kind of application you run: programs that make a lot of disk access will be the ones most benefited, of course. On PCMark05 this increase was between 4.44% and 8.82%, while on SYSmark2004 the best result was on Communication batch, where we saw a 15.25% performance increase. On this same program, Office Productivity performance was increased up to 6.52%, while we saw a performance increase up to 8.52% on 2D Creation batch.

    Regarding what stripe size you should use, it will depend a lot on the kind of application you use. Since we used different programs to measure the performance of our RAID system – each one using data files with different sizes –, the performance difference between the several stripe sizes we used varied a lot.
  2. Dear evongugg,

    thx for the reply.

    I do know that in the ideal case RAID0 doubles the transfer rate. However, these new SSD disks are so fast that I am afraid that the average onboard raid controller cannot handle the combined transfer rate of two SSD's (i.e. 400 MB/s). It is however difficult to find information about this maximum throughput, the motherboard manufacturers don't mention this in their specifications.

    To rephrase my question, does it make sense to combine two 30 GB OCZ Vertex SSD's with an onboard raid0 controller, or is it not worth it and should I just go for a single 60 GB OCZ Vertex SSD.
  3. Yes RAID makes sense with SSDs.
    There are other people in this forum using it.
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