Totally Lost on Homebuild... Suggestions?

Ok, so I've built a few systems in my time. I wouldn't go so far as to say I'm an expert, but with 6-8 builds behind me, I have a pretty good idea what I'm doing. My most recent build:

Intel Quadcore Q6600 Kentsfield
Asus P5K-e WiFi
2gb Crucial Balistix 1066mhz
BFG 8600gts
Soundblaster X-fi
Raptor 74gb
Rosewill 550watt PSU
Antec case

Stable system! It OC'd to 3ghz (2.4ghz stock) on the first try, and I left it there. For 3 months this thing was perfect. THEN, one morning, I hit the power button and the case fans and HS fan came on, green light on mobo came on, but it wouldn't POST or activate the vidcard. Other than the fans, it just didn't come on. Also, no indicator beeps from the Mobo. I took it down part by part to see if I could pin point the problem, and considering there were no mobo beeps, I figured it must be the mobo itself that had failed, or the PSU.

I RMA'd the board to Asus, got it back.... same problem. So I got a brand new mobo, still won't crank. Most recently, I got a new PSU - no go. So the mobo has been replaced, the psu has been replaced... updated to an 8800gt too while I was buying everything. BUT STILL... no go.

Tonight, I took the whole motherboard out of the case. I attached everything to the mobo OUTSIDE the case, and fired it up. I still couldn't get it to boot, but I started getting mobo beeps... one solid, long tone that wouldn't quit unless I powered down.

So..... after replacing the vidcard, the mobo, the PSU, finding that the mobo would beep outside the case but not in it (with all the same connections) does anyone have any suggestions on where to go next. . .

Any help's appreciated

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  1. try another wall socket
    clear cmos
    try each stick of ram in each of the slots
    do elimination: start with barebone: cpu, ram, mobo & gpu. If it works, add one more part at a time.
  2. also look on the mobo website to see if you can find the beep code.
    sounds like a ram issue.
  3. CPU problem most likely, try re-seating it. Look for bent pins on the socket, tuck them back in with a magnifying glass + small tool if one looks out of place. Re-install your CPU and Heatsink/fan. You may want to take your CPU somewhere to have it tested. Try another display card too but i think your problem is CPU.
  4. Update...

    Got everything operational again. First, with all the parts outside the case.. just laying on the mobo box. I carefully reinstalled all parts in the case, and we were up and running. That lasted from 2/8/08 until 2/16/08... then it died again. Same symptoms as before.

    Happy_fanboy, I think you're right. I think it's a CPU problem. I could take it somewhere and have it tested, but since I bought it retail, Intel will replace it. So... waiting on replacement CPU. Hopefully that fixes it! Thanks for your responses!
  5. I didn't see an aftermarket cooler listed. Did you OC to 3.0Ghz on stock cooling? If so, did you ever check your temps? You could have been running it stable, but it may have been in the "kill your CPU range" of temps.
  6. drlafone said:

    Intel Quadcore Q6600 Kentsfield

    wouldnt it be cool if you had B3 and you get A GO replacement.
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