Warcraft 3 directx 8 1 erro

I have warcraft 3 Installed on my pc,and these days suddenly when i was iniciating it gave me a Directx 8.1 Error,i'm using a SiS Mirage Graphics 662 and SoundMax Audio Drivers.
I tryied to reinstall those drivers,turn of the Directx 3d feature but nothing :\
So,if anybody can help,please answer me :D
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  1. Have you updated the directx to latest version, if not do that first & try again
  2. Unfortunately, you will not be able to any DirectX 8 games or higher. The SiS Mirage 662 only supports up to DirectX 7.

    See following review of a mobo with that chipset:


    The integrated Mirage 1 graphics is also a disappointment for SG-95. The Mirage 1 comes with only DirectX 7 support (that’s 1999 technology), which means that it won’t be Vista capable nor it is a good choice for even running any games, except maybe Solitaire.

    You will need to buy a video card if you want to play Warcraft 3. If your motherboard has a PCI-e interface, then I would recommend a HD 5570 or HD 5670. Both do not use much power and should suffice for W3. Of course the more powerful HD 5670 is also a little more expensive. I think it's around $85 - $90 for the 512MB version.
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