Questions on overclocking e8400 with xfx 780i sli mobo

Okay there is just a little confusion on my part about a few things and there are some settings I can't find in my BIOS. First here are my computer specs:

XFX nForce 780i 3 way SLI Intel 775 socket
FSB clocked to 1480 right now
8G DDR2 (I'm only using 4 right now)
I'm only running 2 Graphics cards at the moment in SLI mode

Intel E8400 Dual Core 3.0G clocked to 3.33 with the FSB clock mentioned in the mobo above

Graphics Card 2 - XFX GeForce 8800GT 512 DDR3_SDRAM (Running in SLI mode)

Cooling Fan
Zalman CNPS9700 LED Air Cooled

Power Supply
Thermaltake 750W

Thermaltake Armor MX Full Tower

corsair mem - DDR2 800 2 - 2 gig sticks = 4G

I can only clock this CPU with this mother board by adjusting the FSB on the mobo according to tech support at the factory.

Here are some questions:

I don't see anywhere in my BIOS to set the ram divider ratio. I have a setting for my memory frequency which is set to max at 800 for my DD2 800 corsair memory sticks.

Spread Spectrum- I have 3 choices and only one is disabled in the factory settings

HT spread spectrum - should I enalbe or disable and what does it do? No info when highlighted

PCIe Spread Spectrum - should I enalbe or disable and what does it do? It says it's a selection for nForce MCP when I highlight it.

SATA spread spectrum - should I enalbe or disable and what does it do? This one was disabled as a factory setting and only says SATA spread spectrum selection when highlighted like that is supposed to be helpful.

I can't find these anywhere in my bios can someone help me with what they might be called with my system?:

CPU TM fuction - I think my BIOS calls this CPU Thermal Control and if that is correct then i have choices - TM1 - TM2 or both.

TM1 being thermally throttled but cutting active processor clock cycles
TM2 being thermal throttling is achieved by reducing the cpu multiplier and cpu core voltage
TM3 is both TM1 and TM2 working together

What is the best choice for me on thermal throttling - 1 2 or both?

PECI - can't find anything like this
PCI clock syncronization - can't seem to find anything like this either

in my bios under voltages I see this
CPU Core - that one is self explanatory
CPU FSB - it's set at Auto right not what should I start at
Memory - i'm not going to mess with this one
NForce SPP - Auto right now but I'm not sure what this is (southbridge maybe)
nForce MCP - Auto right now what is this setting for
HT nForce SPP <-> MCP - interface between SPP and MCP: what should I set this at to start with for the overclock mentioned above?
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  1. I called the XFX and found out what I needed to about the BIOS settings. No need to answer this post now.

    I will post my findings on my stress test later today and get some feedback from you guys..... thanks.
  2. What was the response they gave to you?

    Particularly this: "HT spread spectrum - should I enalbe or disable and what does it do? No info when highlighted "

    Thanks for sharing :)
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