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Hi I'm new here. I was thinking about building my own comp for some mild gaming and basic uses.
So far all I've done is some ram upgrades, router and modem set-up, and a small home network. I was wondering what I would need to know before even looking at parts hardware etc.
I have a bunch of old comps lying around that have a) crashed b) just gotten too slow to use. Most are newer than 2001 and I think all have xp. I was told I may be able to salvage some stuff from them to cut costs.
The comp I was hoping to eventually make was something with atleast 2 ghz (not sure on how that's spelled), around 1 gig ram, and I was hoping to piece together a decent hard drive out of the ones in before mention comps. I've heard about something called a slave drive set-up and apparently my current comps is running one and its held out the best out of everything and just runs better generally.
(sorry if this is in the wrong section)
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  1. Many fans, floppy drives, optical drives, and HDs can certainly be salvaged. It might be difficult to salvage much more depending on who built your old computers.

    Taking Dell as an example, the power supplies, cases, sound cards, and even some fans often have proprietary connectors that may make them tricky to use in new builds without knowing what you are doing.

    If the PCs were built from stock parts, you might find a case and power supply that can be reasonably recycled.

    The OS on your old systems is odds-on favorite not to work without re-installation, which requires disks you may or may not have. Even if you do (or use the same disk), you will have difficulty re-registering them in a new build if they were OEM and not full retail copies.

    So, take inventory of what you have and let us know. Maybe we can give you some more specific advice.
  2. Ok, I'll get on taking them apart this week end then. All of these comps were prebuilt pakage kits that came from walmart, circuit city, office max and the likes. So I'm prettly loaded with mice, keyboards, and screens. They might not be the best quality but I'm not too concerned about those.
  3. Crud, seems like I have a lot less than I thought. My parents got tired of all those old comps taking up space and dropped them off at the local good will. All I have left is a hard drive and some ram sticks. The ram sticks say pc100 and sdram. The hard drive is by some brand called Maxtor, not sure on how big. And that's all about all I have. The comp that this one is going to replace can be scrapped I guess, its an hp pavillion 511w. I also have an old gamecube that has a bad reader thing, not sure if anything in it can be used but it says powered by ATI and it has a fan about the same as what I see on comps. Oh there's always some yard sales around here that have boxes of misc. comp parts and full cpu's, would looking tghrough these be a decent way to get cheap parts? or is there really not that much that can be salvaged?
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