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I have a 10,000 rpm drive that I need to get to spin slower. Any way to do that? Its a long explanation of why, so just know its for a project I'm working on that requires we actively use data that's (currently) on a Raptor drive, and can't be moved, but a configuration I'm using requires a slower drive than that (no, this is not trying to RAID with different drives).

I've heard that there are ways to do this, via software or hardware (apparently the hardware method requires that I reduce power to the drive somehow).

Any and all help is greatly appreciated.
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  1. the rotational speed of the drive shouldn't make any difference in retrieving data from it (assuming normal methods of reading are used).

    the drive itself will cache all reads and writes until the platters and heads are in the right place.

    guess we are gonna need more precise info on what your trying to do in order to give more idea's.

    but as far as I know, there is NO way to slow down the rotational speed of a drive. thats controlled by what is basically a stepper motor (similar to brushless dc motors in fans, but much more precise in the operation).
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