Is this a con?

How is this guy selling the stuff for 2k, when the cards and proc are that much...

I don't get it?
If it isn't, I want one....
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  1. NICE system! Personally I wouldn't want to have to deal with the water cooling, but I guess I'd have to forgo the heavy overclock...

  2. 109 transactions and 100% positive rating.
    Seems to be legit.
    Sometimes u just get a legit bargain.
    I recently (ie yesterday) got a Cressi mc7 1st stage, and Ti reg a complete set, brand new, tested, stamped etc (its scuba equipment) for $350USD. :D
    This stuff would retail for ~$1,000.
    No wonder he only sold a few.

    Pay with paypal if u can. They way u SHOULD be protected if the deal turns sour.
  3. ahhh yes, but with all that stuff about the sites that sell hacked ebay accounts. Just seems weird if you check out what he is selling in the last day or so. The fact that the ebayer lives in PA and the o/cer lives in texas. I emailed the O/C guy that has this rig, so hopefully he will get back to me and say it's legit. Would paypal actually give my 2k back or would they "try" to recover it from his account and when he doesn't have it, stiff me? Maybe he'll do cod, if I cover the fees =\

    Would be nice if it is real, cuz i want it! Gut says it's not though.

  4. I just scanned it, but it looks like the parts cost a lot lot lot more than that. If a deal is too good to be true it usually is. It has the feel of the Nigerian that needs your bank info so he can send you money. I could be wrong.

    I looked closer and I call SCAM
  5. This looks to good to be true.
  6. so i'm not the only one who thinks that... bit iffy buying a pc off of ebay, tbth
  7. definite scam....
  8. They might have 109 feedback items with 100% positive, but look at the items sold. A bunch of German WW2 memorabilia, and a couple tech items. Nothing like the computer itself.

    You could always message them, and see why they can sell so cheap. I'd probably avoid it, though, unless I had 2K to throw away (which I don't).

  9. CNeufeld said:
    You could always message them, and see why they can sell so cheap. I'd probably avoid it, though, unless I had 2K to throw away (which I don't).

    That's like emailing the Nigerian to get the details of his uncle's death.
  10. I used Corsair Dominator pc2 8500 4gb(2x2gb) its overclocked to 1100mhz.

    C/mon Intel Fanbois ... comment here pleezee ??
  11. SCAM
  12. first of all there is no Dominator 8500 2x2gig...only 4x1gig...i own one.
    2nd of all the stock speed of 8500 is what he OC'ed it 33mhz? lol
    but still i dont think its a scam..GTX dropped in price lately...and he is using nvidia mobo which is kinda cheaper than x38. ofcourse im assuming he bought the products NEW...but he might have bought the items off ebay half price.
  13. The feed back looks a but iffy to me. Look at all the usernames something just doesn't look right (they seem similar even though there not), all of his items he has previously sold are in the $40-$60 range now all of the sudden he is selling PC%u2019s that are too good to be true worth $2000.
  14. Email the seller, and ask a stupid question, one that some one that really built the rig would only know, or ask for a picture of something specific on the rig that the photo's don't show
  15. Ask him to e-mail you a picture of the computer, with your e-mail address written on a piece of paper in front of it.
  16. Of course, none of that means he'll actually ship you the computer when he gets your money anyway... :)

  17. Well the feedback is from a variety of users and a lot of them have high amounts of feedback\transactions ruling out he created sub accounts.

    If your unsure maybe 2 things contact ebay see what they say and also look into and contact seller about a C.O.D. (cash on deliver) transaction with money order, so when it is delivered you then give the postal carrier the money order (after inspection of goods so you don't get a "hollow" case or something like that) and also email\discuss your concerns with the seller see how they act you may get a better gauge of their personality and willingness to establish trust.

    I know it may seem like I'm being naive and I am not just saying "buy it" and it's like asking a bank-robber "are you going to rob me" but if you have your heart set on it look at it from many angles, there must be a way to ensure your $$$ ir protected on the purchase.

    Also look at the dollar amount $2,000 and really see if you yourself could in fact build a comparable system within that amount.
  18. Email from the guy that I posted on the overclocker forums (2nd link posted):


    yes thats a pic of my rig.... gotten from one of the forums!


    I'll email ebay!"

    lol guess it is a con.
  19. Scam:

    Max OC on this CPU for bench only was 4.1 at 1.45v
    GPU's 655/1055 (16,280 3dmark 06)

    24/7 OC, 3.8 @ 1.38v (avg 15,100 3dmark06)

    SLI'd GTXs with that CPU would be well over that. Not to mention the other evidence everyone else unearthed.
  20. Something smells here and its not roses. I took a look at the other items that are listed and found the same listing for another computer that he has, only its $1299:

    The difference seems to be in that this second listing is for his personal computer, not a copy of his personal computer. He also build this computer a year ago, 1-22-07. Not sure all those parts were available a year ago, but even if they were, how could he have predicted what would or would not run Crysis a year ago? This does not look right.
  21. OK, Ebay can't stop nigerians from hacking accts with weak passwords and posting bogus items.

    BUT, after 10 ATTEMPTS at talking to ebay using their "LIVE CHAT" feature, nothing was accomplished.

    each live chat "operator" gave me a different link to "report" it - these links wound up on a page that accepted only the fraudulent ebay item listing number - there was NO place on the page to explain WHY the auction was fake and no place to link them to this thread so they could see for themself why this auction is a fraud. Without this information I don't see how they can determine the auction is fake.

    Paypal claims to protect buyers up to $2000, so the hacker setting his price at $1999 at least maybe means that the victim won't be out the money, paypal will. Well, maybe.. there are likely a dozen requirements that need to be met for paypal to do this, and I would not be surprised if one of these requirements were not met.

    My personal experience with ebay has not been great. half the stuff i get is not as offered, and hardly anyone ever uses negative feedback out of fear of retaliatory negative feedback. whoever posted above about the 109 positive feedback making this auction safe was wrong not only because in this case the acct was hacked but also because even if an auction's seller has great feedback, people have found ways to rapidly get lots of positive feedback by selling nonsense back and forth to other people and because even when people get ripped off they don't use negative feedback for the reasons explained above.

    F*** YOU, eBAY, for making it so difficult for users (such as us) to help you police your own site. :)
  22. Scam, fo' sure

    Surprised he is willing to go to all this trouble to make $2K. He'll only get 1 shot at one of these auctions before his PayPal account is canceled.

    Usually these guys are cash/money order only, a sure sign of a scam.
  23. HamRadio:
    Never ran into a hacked eBay item, but I think you are right. I agree that Ebay's feedback rating isn't great. Supposedly it is changing soon, so the seller can't do retaliatory negative feedback. That is one of my biggest peeves, you can'y really give an honest opinion for fear of reprisal.
  24. Scammers reply to my questions:

    What mobo are you using?
    What make are the 120mm fans?
    Are these customizable or are they built already?

    They are fully customizable, Im an overclocking guy so stock unflexible motherboards are not for me besides stock intel mobos are too expensive for what you get. So yes you can easily overclock them or change the ram parameters or do an SLI double video card rig. I also like to remove the stock northbridge heatsink for a zalman to lower its temperature also. But unless I have specified that procedure in the listing you have to request it as its a rather complicated ordeal.

    Is local pickup allowed?

    Yes as long as you prepay (without shipping costs) and I will meet you close to your highway. I try to keep my ebay and my homelife seperate.

    ok great!
    Is money order ok?
    Also if we do this deal out of ebay, can I save a little more?
    If we can do this out of ebay then just tell me where i'm sending this money order too and i'll get it along tomorrow!
    How long does it usually take you to build one of these?

    Yes money order is always ok (as long as its good and not western union). Western Union is used by the nigerians and nobody takes them as they are faked too much these days.
    Postal money order is fine.

    Ok thats no problem, are they free at the post office?
    Can I do half up front and half when I pick it up in a couple of weeks?
    Whats your address? Should I do the sign on delivery option?
    I'm pretty stoked, this is a nice computer.

    No the post office charges not alot though then drop it in the mail while your there. I send my mail to a post office box so if you send it sign on delivery it wont get to me. Thanks for the praise. - Ron

    Whats the name I'm writing the M/O to? Ron Burns? Need an address before tomorrow afternoon.....

    Ron Burns
    p.o. box 281
    Hershey PA 17033
  25. So the guy removes the stock NB heatsink - and uses a zalman (reply) + the water cooling (auction), eh...

    Guess he likes to be extra careful?
  26. by quick analysis i note that he did not answer the questions about mobo and fan brands...
  27. LOL Ebay. There's this piece of **** from Peru who must have sold 10 Black Lotuses from Magic the Gathering already... and people keep falling for it.
  28. ask him who makes that case or what model it is. see if he knows. (he is muddy about the details, which makes me think he does not know the original builder meant that he built the case from scratch using 1" aluminum pieces that he riveted together.)
  29. HamRadio said:
    ask him who makes that case or what model it is. see if he knows.

    By the looks of the case, its definitely home made. At least I've never seen anything like it advertised anywhere.
  30. How does he have 4 available?
  31. stephensolofo said:
    How does he have 4 available?
    As long as he is going to sell non-existant products, why not pick 8 or round it out to an even 10 :)
  32. When you get a PO box do they not require any info on you?
  33. This is clearly a scam. Just have fun stringing him along and then tell him to pound sand. Don't give him any information that will identify you.
  34. As of this post price =$2000
    That is one nice rig for $2k, i would guess that the seller is actually loosing money[?] if it is a real deal.
  35. If it was reported to PA police, would they watch that PO box and catch him?

    I think i'll send 2k in monopoly money.
  36. Good, burn him. The only problem is, if he does have the PC at home for his personal use, and it's still a scam, then he will just say I was planning on sending him this one right here.
  37. whats funny about the motherboard
  38. looks like an AMD board not Intel
  39. ^ exactly
  40. 99% sure that's not an intel board, the Intel boards don't have that yellow frame around the CPU and the board looks like this one:

    The spec sheet image of course is too small to actually read.
  41. I'm now 100% sure this is a con, that board is an AMD board not an Intel Core 2 Duo board.

    This a picture of the AMD board, now go back and compare it to the Core 2 Duo ad.
  42. In the questions and answers at the bottom of the eBAY listing, someone asked what board it was and he answered that it was a DFI LANPARTY DK P35-T2RS. Well, here is a picture of the DFI LANPARTY DK P35-T2RS for your amusement, it looks nothing like the image in his eBAY listing, so this is obviously a scam. eBAY has known about this problem for 3 days now and all these listings are still up. What's up with that, eBAY?

    and here is the picture from the scammer's eBAY listing:

    The layouts of the boards are completely different - for example, the PCI slots and the RAM memory slots are parallel on one board and perpendicular on the other. Clearly the board in the eBAY listing is the AMD board JeanLuc posted above, not the intel 775 socket DFI LANPARTY DK P35-T2RS that the scammer claims. You would think if you were going to be a good scammer you would at the very least get all your facts straight before you listed. and if you failed to do that, and if we can find these images, the only conclusion i can draw is that the scammer is not only dim, but lazy as well.

    I wonder how much $$ eBAY scammers make? If dim, lazy people can make a decent living at it, maybe we are all in the wrong field. :)
  43. Hmmm that is about 2 hours from where I live. For those of you that don't know where Hershey PA is it is a very rural area of PA....lots of farm land. As you may or may not know a lot of PA is rural. This could be this guys business. He prob works out of his house. There are not a lot of high end jobs in Hershey. Mainly Hershey park and the candy business is the biggest thing there. So this could be legit. Meet him at Hershey Park and pay him cash.
  44. Whether he has the stuff or not, he is obviously lying about the motherboard above, and someone else said that the system pictured on the other auction was "borrowed" from a forum somewhere without permission.

    And as far as meeting him in person, you may be the only person here who lives nearby, since nobody else's mentioned it. Even if I knew that 2k system deal was legit, I don't have that kinda cash to spend anyways.
  45. Just to wrap this up once and fall all I've asked the seller to say why the picture in his auction is an AMD board (giving details of the board in questions) when he is selling an Intel Core 2 Duo on a different motherboard. I await his response.

    We should be able to tell its fakes anyway without asking, just look at the CPU socket in the picture, its obvious to any technology geek that it’s not an LGA775.
  46. this guy has sold an OLDER computer item like a vid card, a disk changer but most is WW2 items like someone said. maybe half thease parts are stolen? this is why he can sell for so cheap. no one will ever know unless we watch and see.

    i had my ebay account stolen and the PW wasnt something easy to guess. the hacker tryed to sell dvd sets and ebay shut it down fast and it took me 2 weeks to get account back.
  47. scammer is still posting new things. for a fellow with an American sounding name, supposedly living in PA, his English and grammar are not too good. here is his latest listing :


    INTEL core 2 duo E6850 3.0ghz stock overclocked to 3.8ghz with a Zalman 9700 led heatsink and two foxconn 8800GTX 768mb SLI video cards that are factory overclocked. Samsung DVD burner and western digital 10,000 rpm 150gb raptor hard drive serial ATA. This is an ultra fast overclocked computer using DFI Lanparty DKp35 the bios is very overclock friendly with easy bus speeds easy to adjust you can even control the fan speeds within the bios it also has onboard audio 5.1 channel. This computer was installed with artic silver 5 thermal greese I overclocked it to 3.8ghz but 4ghz is possible. Comes with 2gb OCZ platinum 240pin DDR2 800 (pc2 6400). I used an OCZ 700 watt power supply. I could have used alot of less of everything but this computer is build to perform and be ready for the future. You might notice that this computers internals has alot of wires well it takes 5 power connectors for the SLI video cards (2 per card and one for the motherboard) plus the Zalman 9700 has a speed control knob and all the neon needs power so there are alot of cables. This computer will play games at the highest settings and never lagg runs Crysis very fast. 3D mark 06 speed tests are in the 15,000's and 16,000's for 4ghz at 50c and 55c load temps at 4ghz very cool very fast.
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