What am i doing wrong ?


im new to the forums but iv been reading and i dont know what im doing wrong when im overclocking my pc i got some pics of my bios

i dont know what im doing, its my 1st time ocing and i would like some pointers on what i should change

CPU: Q6600 GO
Mobo: Asus P5K-E WiFi-AP
Ram: 1gb kingston 667 im upgradeing to, 2gb of 800mhz in a week
GPU: Asus 8800GTX

Thank you :)
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  1. what exactly is the problem?
    first thing is first, i would keep my voltages as low as possible, or at VID when overclocking so the AUTO function doesn't over estimate

    secondly, i would turn off C1E support and Speedstep, as i've heard these should only be enabled after a successful OC

    than i would return to the advanced menu, set it to manual and increase the fsb frequency in increments of 3, than bootup and see if everything is stable... of course your original fsb for the q6600 should have been 266 correct? if its a G0 stepping, you should really be concerned about stability when you reach are the 300 area... thats when you should start running prime 95 to see if its stable, and increase the voltage if you want to continue higher

    i usually don't mess with the votlages, everytime i have trouble booting, i lower the multi to one lower selection, and continue with upping the fsb up until about 333
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