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Not hearing much about displays . Are there good 1920 x 1200 gaming displays out there? I'm building a new gaming rig and will incorporate some 8800's in it . (one now sli at a later date ) and i don't want to invest in cards just to have a crappy monitor . Your rig is only as good as its weakest link and all . I will also use it to watch movies so viewing angles are important also . Looking to spend around $700 but i am pretty flexible . Also are there any new monitors coming out that might make me want to wait ? Thanks for your input .
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  1. People may laugh, but I want this one that Cosco has for $499:

    Otherwise I'm just bumping this for you so those with Samsung and other 24" LCD's see it and can comment.
  2. The BenQ G2400W Black (TN panel) has this 1:1 pixel mapping feature and is priced at $390. This means you can buy this monitor and play games at resolutions that best suits your video card even if it is less than native resolution; and it can be different for each game. This way you will not need to buy a new monitor in the future once you upgrade your PC to handle games at 1920 x 1200 resolution.
  3. I didn't like any of the options out there about a year ago when I purchased my display. The only things out there that where around 32" ware those expensive and super big resolutions that Apple and Dell where putting out.

    I got myself a Sharp Aquos 32" 1920x1080 screen. Gp1u model with the Viper Drive port (very important).

    I tend to think that those 1900x1200 displays are great looking, but running the latest games at the resolution can bog down pretty easy, and text seems to be a bit small.

    1920x1080 is a great for me. Even with my 32" the image is very sharp and clear. I prefer this over the monitors out there. Not to mention my PS3, Xbox360, HDTV, and HDDVD look f'n great on it!

    Problem is, its $1,000, ( I got mine for $1500 when it came out and I had to fight and old lady for the last one in Dallas :P) but worth every penny!
  4. personally i am all about getting an 1080P LCD get the high resolution and a lot of "floor space" at the same time, if you want at least. i run a 42" @ i have to run at least 2 gtx's to keep things playible for things like cod4, crysis, bioshock.....i recently got a third and love it. my sharp aqous does pixal mapping as well so my old games can be playied at their native res's and still be quite large. problem is your gonna be out some cash for it but as you said your system is only as good as your weekest link. i highly recomend it; the biggest lcd 1920x1200 i saw was 28" @ 3ms. i see you had a cap of 700? get a 8800 gt go a few hundred more on your screen and your looking at some like these for hdtv's (1920x1080): these two for lower repsonse time bigger screen the one i paid out the nose for...

    point is i think your best of getting a awsome monitor and worry about video cards down the road. besides the 9800 gtx/ ultra's are just around the corner. i worked up to three 8800gtx's but i would by no means buy three now. its makes no since. get a nice (g92) gt or gts and spend the extra cash on a high end monitor or big screen lcd hdtv. you'll thank youself later when next gen graphix hit and that screen is used to its full potenial.
  5. personally as an enuthusist i think the 1080P screens are the best thing out there right now. bigger always looks better for games imo. besides by the time i am ready to replace this screen the 1440P models will be out (2560x1440)...and i prolly need twelve gpu's to run it or a couple thousand stream processors...depending what direction technogly heads.
  6. I believe the OP is looking for a new monitor for his computer and not a hometheater. OP says,"Looking to spend around $700 but i am pretty flexible". I don't know how you deal with such large (30"+ LCD's) monitors without having your chin rest on the monitor panel controls. :D

    Plus the one that I gave a link to has 1:1 pixel mapping so he will never have to drop below native resolution.
  7. many hdtv have one to one pixal mapping so i have to disagree our choice in monitors is better based on that arguement. now i agree you need the desk for a large screen like that. a 37-42" needs about 30 inhes minium eye to screen space. it takes up 80percent of your vision and is extremely emersive for gaming. i had a 28inch 1920x1200 and kept it a day. i had replaced a 37 inch 720p i had been using and quite honestly was spoiled by the space. and i as i read he is making it a gaming rig...and again look better, are more emersive and realistic on a bigger screen.
  8. Plane and simple, putting a 30"+ monitor on a computer desk isn't practical. You may like HUGE monitors but I'm sure the OP isn't intrested.
  9. sorry i have to disagree systemlord...i see more and more people like myself who build their own rigs doing exactly the same thing. showing their pimped out machines on these very forums with huge hdtv screens. now i have seen some with screens in the 37" range with zero space as your talking about and yes that is a bit unreasonible to be 10 inches away from a screen of that size but as i said make the view distance more like 30 inches and its an amazing experience. me i use a corner desk so its very deep and very simple to pull off. i can get as far away four feet and still reach my keyboard and mouse though as i said i prefer about 30 inches.

    now is all this practical...its pc gaming for the most part none of it is practical when it comes to cost. get a xbox360 or a ps3 if you really want to keep gaming cost down. for me pc gaming is about getting the most fps i can on the fastest, clearest, large screen i can afford and utilize apporaitly to view the best possible graphics.

    the man asked for advice. i gave him my two cents as did clob who had a similar opinion. discounting it cause you think its inpractical is hardly worth the waste of breath. ulitmately smotman will address his own concerns, needs and purchase as he see's fit within his budget as all of us that build our own rigs do. keep peeps informed is the whole point of this site, not making assumptions nor placing blame on others advice. he's big kid let him figure it out.
  10. Please dont fight . Obviously all input is welcome . I must admit I like where atomic is coming from . If something better comes along (1440p ) i can use it as a bedroom tv or something . It just appears to me that lcd monitors arent keeping up with the new video cards . Outside of that i'm not a practical person , I own a 65" t.v.
    Thanks for all your replies and opinions !!!!
  11. Well the smallest 1920 x 1200 screen I have seen is the one I am looking's the 17" one in my laptop.....I can put my eyeball against the screen and not see a pixel and never any fuzziness. My 42" Aquos 1920 x 1080p OTOH starts looking "fuzzy" at 5 feet.

    How close are you going to be to the screen ? To big a monitor and you will have stuff on screen that won't be in your direct field of view if you are too close. To my eyes the pixel count sitting at a desk with a 24" at 1920 x 1200 borders on annoying. I don't like being able to see individual pixels so I been holding off on 1920 x 1200 until I can see some 21's and 22's.

    BTW, I wouldn't go much by advertised response times or contract indicated in TH reviews, the only manufacturer I can remember ever matching their advertised response times in an actual TH test is Eizo.....and a $700 budget leaves you far outside Eizo territory.

    The only 22" 1920 x 1200 I know of is the Lenovo L220x.;1549691195;pid;4840;pt;1

    List price is $999 but can be had for under $500 .... $485 at but outta stock. $499 below tho.
  12. I read a lot of reviews trying to decide between Samsung 245BW and Samsung 275T. Both have 1920x1200 resolution, but the 275T has a better type of panel, better viewing angles, and it's 27" instead of 24". It costs more but I'll go for it as soon as I see a good sale for it :)
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