8800GT (w/HR-03+fan) just died...HELP!!!

BFG 8800GT 512 OC w/Thermalright HR-03 GT cooler (with 92cm Fan)

HR-03 Installation:
One of the ram sinks may be a bit loose due to (IMO) inadequete sticky surface on bottom of sink. I got it on there as best I could and when I dove into the case this morning to do some initial troubleshooting I didn't notice any of the sinks on the floor of the case. I may have put a tad bit too much thermal paste on the chip as well but I stress my use of the word tad. I would say I put on two pieces of rice... I've had this thing humming along for about a month now with no problems.

Post Beep:
1 Long, 2 Short = (im pretty sure) Display Device failure.

Am I f^&ed or what?

Any and all suggestions extremely appreciated!
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  1. Yeah, 1long and 2short is a display issue depending on the BIOS being used. If you've reseated the card and its still happening its most likely a bad card. Although it would help to test the card in another PC and/or another card in this PC. Good luck.
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