Optical slot drive on my sony vaio desktop will not draw in the disc

I had the NVIDIA graphics card replaced a few days ago and now my DVD-ROM/CD-RW slot drive will not draw in the disc. I wasn't sure what sub-category my problem falls under so I selected configuration (drivers may be another possibilty?) Any suggestions on what to try next to get it working again? I was watching videos just fine before the graphic card replacement and now the disc won't even draw into the drive....possibly something during the repair wasn't connected properly? I have a Sony Vaio T5250 All-In-One Desktop VGC-LT15E. The replacement of the NVIDIA graphics card was done by a Sony technician.

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  1. This would come more under Systems:

    Very odd issue, I would contact the warranty provider again and explain that this has happened after a recent repair/claim. We could troubleshoot and try and repair the issue but this could void your warranty.

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  2. have you tried doing a system restore
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