New Computer keeps restarting!! Hellp!!!

Hi i built a new system two weeks ago...

Intel E6750, Galaxy 8800GT 512mb, 2GB Transcend RAM, and Corsair VX450. I've retained my 120GB seagate hardddrive and Sony DVD burner.

My computer keeps RESTARTING very often!!! Its very annoying!!! My old build which was a single core P4 3.0 ghz, 2x512mb RAM and Radeon X550 256mb worked just fine for there years!! Moreover, i saw NO DIFFERENCE in windows startup speed, file transfer speed or tasks like Virus scanning or anything else apart from Gaming!!

Could someone pls tell me what the problem might be?
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  1. sounds like ram, or maybe power supply. i had that happen once, turned out one of my RAM slots was bad, so i shifted the module to another slot and it was perfect. try memtest to see if the ram is good. power supply can also overload and shut down, maybe restart, but it sounds less likely in your case.
    Also, windows startup, file transfer, etc. are limited more by hard drive speed than processor, so you wouldn't notice much of a difference as long as you had plenty of RAM. Gaming, however, is where you really notice the difference because the processor and video card really get to work hard.
  2. Try including your mobo type.

    Right click My Computer click Properties -> Advanced -> Startup and Recovery. Uncheck Automatically restart. It should give you a blue screen that may give you some indication as to the cause.

    Download memtest86+ and run a memory test.
  3. I agree witht the memtest suggestion. I would also ask if this happens only in windows. You could find out if it would happen in linux by using a "live disk" like one found in Ubuntu distro. Also, what's the MoBo?
  4. ok i have a gigabyte GA-P35-DS3L............ oh btw this may sound really dumb...but... how exactly do i memtest? ...i tried downloading it from the above link... it isnt working :( ...
  5. Floppy boot or CD iso?
  6. I turned off automatic restart and this is the message i get in the blue screen


    everytime i try to burn the iso file for using memtest the pc restarts and my cd gets ruined .... hellppp!!1
  7. You might try updating your drivers or reinstall Windows, 'cause in my experience that looks like a driver issue and reinstalling the drivers might help. (If you do decide to reinstall it might be a good idea to download and store some updated drivers to use rather then the drivers that came with the computer.) Been a while since I've seen a message like that but if there's any other info (or if you can get it setup to send a dump to Microsoft) you might be able to narrow down what driver is causing the problem.
  8. i just reinstalled windows...installed the drivers from the Gigabyte mobo cd and the galaxy 8800GT cd......

    still the problem persists.......

    now i installed the EasyTune5 Pro System Enhancement tool from the Gigabyte CD.... and when i cheked the box to enable alert audio setting immediately the thing started beeping...... i'l post pix of the tool.... pls let me know if something is out of place
  9. mihirkula said:
    ok i have a gigabyte GA-P35-DS3L............ oh btw this may sound really dumb...but... how exactly do i memtest? ...i tried downloading it from the above link... it isnt working :( ...

    Ok, calm down, the symptom you're describing is a classic Gigabyte response to bad memory. First of all, go into bios, go to M.I.T. and make sure your RAM voltage and timings are set correctly. If they are correct, you likely have a bad stick of RAM. Remove one stick, test the system, if the problem persists, swap sticks and try again. Good luck.
  10. this is wts there in MIT

    CPU clock ratio...... 8X
    XCPU Host freq.....200mhz
    CIAZ ......Disabled
    Performance Enhancement..... Standard
    Memory freq....667 667
    System Voltage control ....Manual
    DDR2 overvoltage control....normal
    PCI-E overvoltagecontrol...normal
    FAB overvoltagecontrol....normal
    CPU voltage control......normal
    Normal CPU voltage....1.31250V

    System Temp ...41deg centigrade
    CPU temp...40 deg centigrade
    CPU fanspeed... 1062 RPM
  11. I agree with cb62fcni, classic bad or incompatible RAM, or bad settings. Pull a stick and give us the model number off the side of the RAM stick. and leave the second stick out, assuming it's 2 1G sticks. Be careful to store the RAM safely.

    If it gets worse, or even if it doesn't get better, then swap the sticks if RAM.

    You really need to get either a bootable Floppy or CD of Memtest86+. Can you do it at another computer?
  12. ok i finished Memtesting 15 minutes ago....the test went on for about one and a half hour....something like 2 PATHS were checked (60% of path 1 and then 60% of path 2)...after which it said no errors....... then i hit the escape button and im typing here....

    i have one single Transcend 2GB RAM stick....this is the stuff written on the sticker of the RAM stick

    2GB JETRAM DDR2 667
    Transcend CE

    And this is wts written on the little black rectangles (sorry abt the horrendous terminology)

  13. Trancend is not on the DS3L qualified vendor list, but that doesn't mean it is the problem. You should run memtest86+ until it has cycled a few times to be sure. It probably would have shown a failure though. you should get some additional info along with that error. I think there is a button to click for more info. Write that down and Google it. You can also Google driver_irql_not_less_or_equal. It appears, assuming the RAM is OK, that you have an IRQ conflict, possibly due to a bad driver. Did you load the mobo drivers off the Gigabyte CD? I googled it and found this thread with some links to MS, check it out. [url=
  14. I had similar problems with my last system..
    I just increase ddr voltage from bios and after that it worked just fine.

    I've retained my 120GB seagate hardddrive :/
    any ---->250gt sata2 16mb is better than that
    ( i saw NO DIFFERENCE in windows startup speed, )
  15. Yes i did load the mobo drivers off the gigabyte cd.... i googled the error message ...couldn't find solutions at all!!!
  16. i found this link after extensive search....

    Maybe theres a problem with my Cable Modem (cos i remember a friend's new laptop used to restart similarly when it was connected to the internet here)

    Now is it advisable to install windows XP without ACPI?
  17. I don't have any personal experience with removing ACPI. I don't see why it would be a problem though. Obviously you will loose the functionality.
  18. I stand by my suggestion to load a "live" linux CD. That would basically tell you if you had instability inherent to Windows. If the gigabyte easy tune is alerting you to something, it could be serious or nothing at all. I have the easy tune in one of my computers and it alerts me to the fact that there is no case fan. There is a case fan in my case, but it is connected to the molex so the MB doesn't see it. Something else to try is to disconect all un-needed items like printers, scanners, external modems etc. and make sure that it is stable before adding them back in. You might find your culprit in that. Also, MoBo's often have things you wont need that take up an IRQ (parallel ports, serial ports, etc.) go into the bios and dissable what you wont need. Good luck.
  19. so... did the thing just die and we haven't heard back?
  20. Hello all...after a lot of connecting,disconnecting,shaking, spitting and hair tearing frustration i finally managed to solve the problem...the problem was with the modem.

    Initially my Webstar modem was connected to the mobo via USB...this way the IRQL sharing problem was bugging me and my system.... i wudve had to reinstall windows with edited ACPI settings which would disable lot of the other what i did was removed the USB connection and connected the modem to my system via Ethernet cable. And Voila!! No restarts!! The system is running absolutely smoothly with no hangups or crashes of any kind.

    I hope this thread helps people with the same problem. Cheers! and thanx to all for the help. :)
  21. Have the same problem same modem driver issue

    but simply connecting via Ethernet cable wont work as I only get limited or no connectivity.

    Working via wireless but extremely slow downloading, configuring my adapter for port forwarding is a pain don't want to go messing around with all the dns and ip's.

    however when i plug my xbox directly into the modem it works.

    seriously confused and frustrated wish it was as simple as plugging in the Ethernet same problem on both xp and vista.

    can anyone help probably something so simple ive just overlooked it

  22. Don't bother replying thanks anyway as i said something i overlooked god its always the simplest solution thanks for the suggestion to switch to LAN works perfect now no more irritating blue screen
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