1gbps network, need help hitting target data throughput speeds

Hey people,
I'm the netadmin for a company that does video editing.

We have a network that consists of the following
Netgear GS748T Gig switch
1 server running Windows Server 2003
AMD Opteron 246
broadcom xtreme gb nics (2)

Another server running 2003
4GB ram
AMD Opteron quad core
Intel 1000 MT Gb NIC's

all cabling is cat6

15 pc's with gig nics, specs vary as we have Dells, HP's etc.
Most are core 2 duo or equiv
12 with XP pro + current drivers on everything
3 with Vista + current drivers.


I'm stumped here... I can't break 30MB/S data throughput on this network. Why? I'm trying every possible nic setting.
Anyone willing to help me out here?
Data through put is essential as we are moving 1gb+ files around all the time. time = money
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  1. To be honest that number sounds about right for Gigabit. I'm also on a gigabit network and rarely see speeds higher then 25 - 30 MB /sec.
  2. i am facing the same dilemma.

    getting a bandwidth of around 25MB/S.
  3. theoretical maximum would be 125MB/s.
    Take in to account over head and other network traffic it will be lower.
    Hard drives will also be a limiting factor.
    If the nic is connected to the PCI bus, since its shared, can cause slow downs.
  4. I opened up the second ethernet port on the server. Great, I can xfer files from both nic ports and get a cumulative bandwidth of 60-70MByS/s. Maybe I'll get a third NIC and set 1/3 network on each nic. Just having DNS issues now... I set up second nic in DNS to resolve to server2.xxxxnetworks.com resolves to 192.168.*.* its IP; It pings, but doesn't allow me to \\server2.xxx.xxx in web browser...
    any thoughts here?
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