Crash Dumps after Virus...

The computer crash dumps two minutes after each time you bring it up. It doesn't do it in Safe Mode. The computer just had a virus, which most of has been taken off, but it seems that there is something left over that causes it to crash dump because it didn't do that before. None of the Anti-virus programs are showing anything wrong.

It will go to a blue screen and I can barely catch the words at the top of the screen. It says that the crash dump is because of something named, "....equal.... no_more_no_less...." That's all I can catch before the screen disappears and the computer restarts. I've searched for this and deleted files connected to the dumps but that still does nothing.

There is also this program called "VZW Upgrade Assistant" that appears in normal mode and prior to the virus, no one has seen it before. I've also searched to uninstall this thing and I can't find it anywhere, even remnants of it in the registry.

If anyone knows what's happening, that would be great. Thank you for your time.
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  1. First off go into safe mode and complete a full virus scan (again :P) - Just to be safe

    If this fails I would just run a repair disc and see where that gets you.

    Then boot from it and run her up.. or use the OS disc and run a repair.:
  2. Thank you. :)

    Yeah, I've figured out since then that the reason it crashes is not a virus/trojan but a corrupted driver which must have come out of the whole mess.

    Now I've got to figure out which one it is. Thanks again combat wombat! I appreciate your help!
  3. No worries....


    To see the list of devices and rivers linked to them... use system windows info:

    This application should help you with rolling back/un-installing that corrupt driver...
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