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I bought a GeCube HD3850 512mb recently, it performs pretty well, decent gaming card that plays almost every racing game on max setting without too much lag.

But when i try GRAW2 this morning, i couldnt enable PhysX under video setting, only setting i can run is normal, is there a need to buy a PhysX card to enable this?? I feel kind of cheated, having to spend $170 on a GFX card and still have to buy another PhysX card just to play games on max setting.
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  1. Don't bother. I've heard the difference even in a game like GRAW2 is minimal especially considering the price of a PhysX, which is close to your 3850. I have GRAW2 and I could care less about the PhysX and GRAW2 isn't enough for me to go out and get one.

    But if a game like Call of Duty 4 took advantage of PhysX, that would be a different story because its such a kick ass game. :D

    Theres quite a bit of information and threads that already talk about PhysX and they all say the same thing. Your probably better off saving that $120 for another 3850.

    However you may have heard of the Ageia acquisition by Nvidia. This unfortunately wont help your case but it appears that 8series video cards may received PhysX support via software download.

    Good news for folks with a GeForce 8 GPU and lots of questions about how the recent Ageia acquisition would affect them: your current card will be receiving PhysX support. When NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang was questioned in a recent conference call, he noted that the firm was currently "working towards the physics-engine-to-CUDA port," and it could be delivered as "a software update" to every card that's CUDA-enabled (read: all of the GeForce 8 GPUs). Sadly, the bigwig still wouldn't say when to expect the release of the first PhysX port, but we really can't imagine it taking too awfully long now.

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