Biostar p43 Mobo Good Overclocker?

Since my first build was a cheapo rig i'm looking at selling it and spending a few hundred more for a much better one. Newegg has a great deal on a biostar p43 mobo with 4gb ddr2 800 ram:

But is it such a great overclocking mobo? I read that it kind of limits the amount you can overvolt the cpu, only +15%. Is this true? (I'd like to oc an e7200 to 3.8 and 1.075v x 1.15= about 1.24v which i don't think is enough to hit 3.8)
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  1. Stay away from P43 and Biostar if you want a decent overclock. Even if it is cheap.. I wouldnt use that board even if I didnt overclock. You should look at a P35 Gigabyte or asus board. They OC well.
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