Arctic Cooling Accelero Twin Turbo temps

I just got the Accelero Twin Turbo today, here are my results
Temps measured using Catalyst control center & OCCT for assurance

--My case has excellent airflow, all cables tied up together, out of the way of airflow.

--Room temp 25 Celsius, stock cooler, great airflow, one pci slot opened to act as small exhaust

20% fan speed, idles at 74C
40% fan speed, idles at 53C (21 degree drop, wow o.o)
50% fan speed, idles at 48C
After 50% fan speed is when it becomes unbearably loud for anyone
60% fan speed, idles at 46C
80% fan speed, idles at 44C
100% fan speed, idles at 42C

--Load temps retrieved using AtiTool
--GPU activity from 96~97% continious

--Room temp rose to 25.1 Celsius, stock cooler, great airflow, one pci slot opened to act as small exhaust

20% fan speed, loads at 105~106C
And I don't care what ATI says, I REALLY don't like that number :S
40% fan speed, loads at 93~94C
50% fan speed, loads at 83~84C
60% fan speed, loads at 74~75C
80% fan speed, loads at 69~70C
100% fan speed, loads at 66~67C

--At 106C I thought it would be fun to touch the pcb, I wish someone was there to stop me -.- cause owch....

This thing isn't as big as I thought, it takes the space of 2 pci slots
To my surprise, connecting the fan to the card itself allows me to control the percentage as well :D
So an exact fan speed comparison can be made, mind you of course, this fan is much less audible than the stock fan
At 100% fan speed, it's about as loud as the stock fan at 40~45%, which can be annoying for some

--Time for the presentation

--And now for the installation....

--The ram sinks hold on fine, I held them on tight for 20 seconds to keep them still, the voltage sinks however, are another story, those things ticked me off. I took the sticky sponge stuff from the stock hs, placed it on the vregs, then put the sinks on em, and they finally held fine after 2 hours so far. I plan on replacing them, as well as the ram sinks, with copper ones from EnzoTech or Swiftech, for better sticking and cooling. And yes I cleaned them properly :)

--Room temp still 25.1 Celcius, Accelero Twin Turbo cooler, 2 pci slots used as exhaust

20% fan speed, idles at 50~51C
40% fan speed, idles at 41C
50% fan speed, idles at 39~40C
60% fan speed, idles at 38C
80% fan speed, idles at 37C
100% fan speed, idles at 37C

--At 20% fan speed, one fan literally spins 1 rotation per second, other fan spins about 5 rotations per second

--Load temps retrieved using AtiTool
--GPU activity from 96~97% continuous

-Note: These fans were obviously not meant to push below 60%, hence it stating 1500 to 2000 rpm; rpm is easily guesstimated from the naked eye at those lower speeds

20% fan speed, loads at 80C+
40% fan speed, loads at 57C
50% fan speed, loads at 52~53C
60% fan speed, loads at 51~52C
Fans become audible after this percentage
80% fan speed, loads at 49C
100% fan speed, loads at 47C

Note: At 20% fan speed, it got to 80 and stayed there for 2 minutes, then I heard quiet zaping sounds, probably the sticky stuff for the ram sinks, so I stoped it there just in case :S

--Twin Turbo installed in case...

Ram sinks were scorching hot at 20% fan speed as well, which is another great reason to use copper, even though 20% fan speed is pointless, since 60% is just as quiet, the silicone was meant for high temps, not sure the thin aluminum ram sinks were lol. But remember, fans are barely moving at this percentage, blowing on it would literally cool the heatsink better than the air coming out at this speed, so it's practically a passive temp
A 20C degree drop at max fan speeds, the fact that the fans are so quiet is a great plus, obviously :D

So that's it, tell me if you want extra pics of whatever type, or anything else to be included.
The variations in some of the temp scores were due to continuous fluctuation.

Thanks, and enjoy.

Time to switch mobo's and install my new Xigmateck S1283 :D
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  1. wow, really nice post, I am actually thinking of getting that cooler. I wonder if instead of the given fans you could attach a 92mm fan somehow
  2. That thing is great for anyone who has a 4870 or 4850. I just wish all of the cards came with that damn cooler, like some aftermarket versions do.
  3. Glad you like it, as for my vreg heatsinks, they don't hold even with the sticky sponge stuff from the stock hs, im going to get something to replace it.
  4. Gee nice article...What about that ur a frode & phoney and try to tell us that you have a 4870 instead of a 4850??? Your pictures tell the truth and instalation for the 4870 is way diferent form that of 4850, the 4870 have diferent board, dual slot cooling (yours have only one and even the cooler drawing line on your board says that you have a 4850), 2 x 6 pin additional power connectors (your board have only 1), the voltage regulator area is way bigger on tha 4870 couse have to feed GDDR5 memory and the power load is bigger.....etc CONCLUSION U R A FAKE ARTIST
  5. That cooler looks quite nice, but which one would be better against Thermalright HR-03 GT? I'm wondering between those two...
  6. To spikes9s:

    When the hell did I ever say I have a 4870?
    Your the fake reader if anything, woow, get a life bud and learn how to read, then come talk to me...

    Anyways, my fans on the twin turbo just died, so i replaced them with 2 standard 80mm fans, and cooling performance is exactly the same, with the addition of whatever color led fans you put :P
    Also replaced memory heatsinks with enzotech ones, and cut the original heatsink's vreg cooler part cause the ones with twin turbo didnt stick.

    My card is stable on max overclock, I can actually bench it now whereas before in cs source benchy frame rates would drop with higher than conservative overclocks.

    The only improvement over this, was the back of pcb board gets less hot with these new copper heatsinks installed, thats it.

    and as for something better against thermalright's hr-03 gt, maybe thermaltakes t-rag or wtv its called :P
  7. I have the same heat sink on mine and with the slight OC you can see in my sig my temps are as follows (depending on time of day do to temp change and system conditions as to what I have been using it for):


    GPU: 48 - 50c
    Mem: 53 - 56c
    Shadercore: 52 - 54c
    VRM's: 63 - 66c, 65 - 68c, 66 - 70c


    GPU: 58 - 62c
    Mem: 65 - 70c
    Shadercore: 60 - 65c
    VRM's: It verys on the game and how long ive been playing, but it can be anywhere from 90's - 110c max. (these things get hott)

    All of these temps are read with GPU-Z 0.2.8 and the CPU is verified by CCC to be the same.


  8. What is the height of the card from base heat sink to the topmost fan exactly ? I want to know this because i have limited space of 1 extra slot on my micro atx board and the sound card is installed on the next slot.
  9. I just installed on my 4870, but can't seem to adjust the fan speed on CCC. no matter what I tried on the fan speed. Tried MSi afterburner, also the same.
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