ddr 2 800 modules in mobo that does only support ddr2 667mhz

hello sirs:

some time has passed since i last entered this forum, so i'm glad to return here.

well, the thing is that i've bought a INTEL CORE2 ASROCK 4COREDUAL-SATA2 SK775 DDR2/DDR PCX/AGP, to be joined with a 2gb ram and an ati x1950pro 512mb + INTEL CORE2 DUO E4500 2.2 GHZ SK775 800 MHZ 2MB DUAL CORE.

the fact is that this mobo only supports till ddr2 667 which is not that good,but it seems that no mobos for agp are present in the market.

i have a few questions:

i´ve seen some reviews in which it is said that this processor can oc hard. has anyone got any experience about this??

secondly, as the system will be oced, do you think this mobo will admit ddr 2 800mhz?? just to have more room for ocing.

would it be a good idea to buy just 667 modules, or it is better to buy ddr2 800?? would there be any inconvenience or error in this hardware?any incompatibility??

thanks in advance for your help and sorry for my english.

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  1. Hello,

    1) I don't know about that processor, I leave it someone else to answer.

    2) You could us DDR2-800 in this system, but would be a waste on money since system will only the memory DDR2-667 only. Also some motherboards might not work DDR2-800 (depending how picky the motherboard is). The best answer is to get DDR2-667 memory in the long run.
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