pcie-x1 in a pcie-x4 slot?

Im thinking of purchasing happage 1800 tv tuner card or hd 650 tuner card, both us pcie-x1 slots, unfortunately my pcie-x1 slots are located on either side of my pcie-16 slot which will hold a 9600gt in the next few days, so i dont have room, however, I have i open pcie-x4 slot that is perfectly located, can I use a pcie-x1 card in a pcie-x4 slot?, I have heard that that is possible.
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  1. Yes you can.
  2. Indeed it is. I was using a pci x1 tv tuner card in a x16 slot for a long time.
  3. Thanks, I thought that was the case just wanted to be sure, now i have to decide which tuner to get.
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